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Aai Kuthe Kay Karte Written Update For Mar 11: Will Abhishek Marry Ankita?

In this Aai Kuthe Kay Karte episode, Arundathi worries about Abhi. Yash follows Isha and finds out she has been meeting Sahil. Sanjana also worries about Abhi.

aai kuthe kay karte episode

Aai Kuthe Kay Karte March 11 episode begins with Abhishek getting a phone call from Anagha. The former apologises for not meeting her. Anagha worries about Abhi and asks him if he was alright. Abhi says he is fine and tries to conclude the phone call. Anagha wishes him good night and hangs up but she worries about him. 

Kanchan asks Yash if he dropped Aapa on time. She keeps questioning Yash about Aapa and his friends. She also asks Yash if Mrs Maniursekar was present for the picnic. Yash makes fun of her and says Aapa went for the picnic because she was joining them. This upsets Kanchan. 

Aai Kuthe Kay Karte episode written update for Mar 11

In Aai Kuthe Kay Karte latest ep, Yash continues to make fun of Kanchan. He tells her that Aapa took his fancy clothes, his guitar and even sunglasses. Kanchan gets jealous listening to him. Vimal enters and tells everyone that she just saw Aapa's bus taking off. Yash makes signs to Vimal and the latter also starts making fun of Kanchan.

She says she saw a female sitting next to Aapa and thought it was Kanchan. Arundathi schools Yash and Vimal for troubling Kanchan. Later on, Isha gets ready to go out. She lies that she is going to college. Yash gets suspicious and decides to follow her. Arundathi goes to Abhi's room to check on him. 

Abhi opens his heart to Arundathi. The latter worries about him. Arundathi tells Abhi to analyse properly before taking any decision. Abhi apologises to Arundathi for getting mad at Yash, last night. Arundathi asks him not to worry and rest calmly. Yash follows Isha and sees her meeting Sahil. 

Isha sits behind Sahil's bike and leaves. Yash gets shocked seeing Isha with Sahil. At Sanjana's house, Anirudh makes breakfast for Sanjana. They discuss Abhishek's decision. Sanjana tries to explain to Anirudh that if Abhishek agrees to marry Ankita that might be against his will. Sanjana worries about Abhishek. She thinks he might make a huge sacrifice for Anirudh. 

Arundathi calls Anirudh and asks him to meet her. Isha shares her frustration in front of Sahil. The latter tells her to ignore her family and start chilling with her friends. Isha starts getting influenced by Sahil. Arundathi and Vimal talk about Aai and Aapa's quirky love and relation. 



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