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Anupama 1 November 2021 Written Update: Anupama Decides To Live By Herself

Anupama 1 November 2021 Written Update: As Anu leaves the Shah house with Samar, she goes to her mother's place and tells her that she wants to live by herself.

anupama written update

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Anupama 1 November 2021 episode begins with Anu walking down the road after leaving the Shah house. She then sits on a park bench. A boy dressed as Lord Krishna walks to her and asks her why she is sad. Anu then breaks down into tears while recalling the drama that happened at the Shah house. The boy hugs her while at home, Bapuji prays for Anu and keeps crying. On the other hand, the boy assures Anu that he is Krishna and he is there for her. Anu feels good about hearing this. 

Anupama 1 November 2021 Written Update

Meanwhile, Anuj is worried about Anu and he looks for her on the road. As Anu hugs the boy dressed as Krishna, Anuj sees them and feels relieved. he also sees how the boy is asking Anu to stop crying and cheer up. On the other hand, Bapuji says that though he is missing his daughter, he knows that it is best for Anu to stay separately. He further says that everyone who insulted Anu and pointed fingers at her will not be able to live happily and they will soon beg her to come back. He then vows to keep the lamp lightened until Anu returns. Meanwhile, the boy's mother takes him away while Anu returns to her mother's house. Her mother welcomes her and says that she knows what happened at the Shah house and adds that she is proud of her. Her mother also lauds her for taking a stand for herself. 

Vanraj tells Kavya not to let anyone miss Anu 

At home, Nandini keeps urging Bapuji to eat something but he doesn't. Kavya and Vanraj stand separately and worry about Bapuji. Vanraj then calls Pakhi and hands over the medicines to her asking her to make Bapouji have them as Anu is not here anymore to do so. On the other hand, Samar meets Anuj on the road while the latter informs him that Anu has reached her mother's place. Anu's brother, Bhavesh also lauds her for taking a stand for herself when Samar and Anuj enter the house. While in Shah's house, Vanraj removes Anu's nameplate from the door and vows that he will not let her enter the house again. He also tells Kavya to take over the responsibility of the house and not let anyone feel Anu's absence. At Anu's house, Bhavesh thanks Anuj for standing by his sister's side during her tough time while Anu informs them that she wants to live separately otherwise people will bad mouth her for living at her mother's house. Anuj tells her that he will be there for her in case she needs any help. 

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Anu looks for a house but is unable to do so because the owner of the house doesn't want to rent her house to singles. On the other hand, Kavya manipulates Baa and convinces her to get the house papers from Anu to their name as she can use them against the family. 


Image: Anupamaa Poster

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