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Anupamaa 5 May Episode Spoilers: Will Vanraj And Anupama Finally Get A Divorce?

Read the full article below for Anupamaa 5 may episode spoilers. Will Vanraj and Anupamaa finally get a divorce or will Kavya be left alone?

anupamaa 5 may episode

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Anupamaa is a popular TV series that revolves around the life of a middle-class housewife, Anupamaa, played by Rupali Ganguly. The latest episode of Anupamaa on May 4 showed Anupama and Vanraj planning Samar and Nandini's engagement. Read here to find out what will happen next in the Anupamaa 5 may episode. 

A peek into Anupamaa spoilers: May 5

From the preview of Anupamaa 5 May episode, fans can see Vanraj and Anu both getting a call from their respective lawyers regarding their impending divorce. The lawyer supposedly tells him that the date for his divorce from Anu has finally arrived. Vanraj seemingly tells his lawyer that he doesn't want a divorce at all and if it is possible to "cancel" it. Kavya hears this conversation and loses it, and yells at him saying he has to get a divorce.

Anu on the other hand, tells Vanraj that Baa is going to announce the union of Samar and Nandini tomorrow. She also tells a shocked Vanraj, that as soon as that's done, they must announce their divorce the very next day and go to the court to complete the proceedings. 

A look at Anupamaa latest episode update (May 4) 

Anupamaa latest episode on May 4 begins, with Anupama and Vanraj discussing Samar and Nandini's engagement. Anupama wonders what changed Vanraj's mind about the wedding as he was initially against it, to which he tells her that Samar wouldn't listen to him anyway, so there's no point. They decide to get Samar and Nandini in the resort itself, and Vanraj tells Anu he's going to tell everyone else including Kavya, who is looking at the two from afar and getting jealous at their closeness.

Vanraj later runs into Advaith, who seems to be playing his flute again. The two indulge in friendly conversation after discussing the resort as the venue for Samar and Nandini's engagement. Advaith and Vanraj seem to become friends by the end of the conversation, as the latter leaves telling him that he is like Lord Krishna, who was everybody's friend. Baa, on the other hand, spies on Kavya through binoculars while Anu tells her that she has to accept her as her daughter-in-law someday, to which Baa tells her that Vanraj will never marry Kavya. 

Anu who delivers some Aamras to Kavya realises she was listening in on the conversation, and apologizes for Baa. Kavya tells Anu about her anxiety regarding her impending marriage. Vanraj, who wants to discuss his son's engagement, asks Kavya to meet him by poolside. Upon hearing the news, Kavya loses it and argues about their own impending wedding again. Vanraj tells her once again, that he cannot leave Anupama and that their wedding will only happen once she is cured.

Kavya and Vanraj engage in a heated argument, where Kavya ends up saying that it looks like she'll have to wait for Anu to die to get married. Vanraj loses it and is almost about to hit her but stops, Anu also appears in the background and tells Vanraj to stop. Anu tells Vanraj he has no right to hit a woman just because he doesn't like what she said. She says she doesn't understand why men think women need to be controlled and tells him that hitting a woman, will only hurt his own masculinity rather than the woman's cheek.

Anu tells the two of them to stop fighting with one another and that they aren't kids and leaves. Vanraj apologizes to Kavya, but tells her that she shouldn't have said what she said. Kavya, in a moment to herself, talks to God and says she genuinely hopes nothing happens to Anu and that she was just angry. Meanwhile, Vanraj follows Anu in a golf cart and asks her to sit, as she isn't supposed to walk. 

In the cart, Anu asks Vanraj if he apologized, to which he says he did. She tells him that he doesn't really know how to apologize and tells her that Kavya was the one at fault. He also tells her that all she cares about is their own marriage and that he can't do so when Anu is sick and needs him. Anu tells him that she doesn't need him. She also tells him that when she did need him, he wasn't around and now she doesn't want him. 

The episode ends with all the family members in bed thinking about the various things happening in their lives. Samar asks Vanraj if his mother will be fine, and Vanraj tells him that they won't let anything happen to her. Baa on the other hand tells Anu not to die, or she'll kill her, and Anu smiles. 

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