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Barrister Babu 30 March 2021 Written Update: Trilochan Takes A Stand For Bondhita

In Barrister Babu 30 March 2021 episode,Bondhita gives Manorama the watch Anirudh gifted her and completes all her given tasks with maturity & understanding.

barrister babu 30 March 2021

Barrister Babu 30 March 2021 written update: Koyli gets Bondhita dressed for Manorama and Anirudh's pre-wedding rituals. Koyli asks Bondhita if she will be able to complete the rituals. Bondhita starts wondering if she will be able to go on with the rituals, and comes to a conclusion that she would not give up and fulfil each of Anirudh and Manorama's pre-wedding rituals. She goes downstairs and Anirudh pities Bondhita's efforts to impress him. Sampoorna taunts Bondhita and asks her to complete each ritual responsibly. 

Barrister Babu 30 March written update

Barrister Babu written update: Bondhita goes ahead to lift Manorama's veil but Sampoorna stops her. She says the elder wife of Anirudh cannot see the younger wife directly because it is inauspicious. Anirudh brings the same mirror he gifted to Bondhita and asks her to see Manorama's face in the mirror. Bondhita feels hurt when Anirudh gives her the same mirror to see Manorama. Bondhita completes the ritual and lifts Manorama's veil, while everyone else cheers.  Later, Sampoorna announces the second pre-wedding ritual. Bondhita is given two seashells and is asked to drop them in a bowl of milk and rose petals. The bride and the groom are then supposed to find the seashell.

 Bondhita drops the seashells and stands aside. Sampoorna taunts her that she's given up but Bondhita says she did not drop the seashells in the bowl. Sampoorna calls her a fool for not doing so because Anirudh and Manorama are enjoying themselves amid the ritual.  Bondhita realises she made a mistake and asks them to stop, and later drops the shells. Sampoorna later asks Manorama to touch Bondhita's feet but Bondhita stops Manorama. She gifts her the watch Anirudh gifted her and this makes Anirudh happy, but on the inside, he feels hurt. He says Bondhita must now understand her goals and go to Dalhousie to study further and have a bright future.

Later, Trilochan shares his grief with Bihari Babu and says Anirudh did very wrong by hurting Bondhita. Anirudh comes there and Trilochan tells him that like every other man who marries two women, he must also give equal time to both his wives. Anirudh smacks his head at Trilochan's decision but Trilochan tells him that now Anirudh must spend 3 days with Manorama and his next three days with Bondhita.

(Image Source: Still from the show Barrister Babu)



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