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Barrister Babu 7 April 2021 Written Update: Bondhita Tries To Decode Anirudh's Behaviour

In Barrister Babu 7 April 2021 episode, Anirudh gives Bondhita a cooker and asks her to make a few dishes while, Bondhita tries to decode Anirudh's behaviour

Barrister Babu/Bondhita

Barrister Babu/Bondhita

Barrister Babu 7 April 2021 written update: Bondhita argues with Anirudh that she needs the typewriter more than the cooker but Anirudh keeps provoking her to make her realise that studies are more important than taking care of household chores. Anirudh tells Bondhita that he will teach Manorama how to use the typewriter and she can keep the cooker. Disappointed Bondhita takes the cooker with her and Anirudh orders her to make a few dishes because he feels hungry. 

Barrister Babu 7 April Written update

Barrister Babu Written update: Manorama tells Anirudh that she got afraid when he started behaving like an intoxicated man. She says she feared he might reveal their secret in front of everyone. Manorama asks Anirudh about the idea he got to get intoxicated and teach Bondhita a lesson. Anirudh says he got it from her and explains he saw Sampoorna mixing something in her glass. Manorama was about to drink it but Anirudh saved her by snatching the glass from her. Anirudh warns Manorama to stay alert from Sampoorna. 

Anirudh leaves the room and Manorama stops him, asking if he's going to meet Bondhita. Manorama praises Anirudh and tells him that he's a great partner and blesses him to achieve his goal of showing Bondhita the right path. Bondhita and Koyli experiment with the cooker and Koyli gets scared. Bondhita explains to her about the invention of the mysterious machine and says it's a great help in the kitchen. Bondhita asks Koyli to get her an old newspaper and she starts frying some puris. Anirudh comes there and pities Bondhita for not understanding the point of gifting her a cooker and a typewriter to Manorama. 

When Bondhita calls for Koyli to get a newspaper, Anirudh tears a few pages from her notebook and asks her to soak the excess oil using those papers. Bondhita gets anxious when Anirudh ruins her notebook and she tells him it's her school book and he must not ruin it this way. Anirudh answers back and tells Bondhita that now she won't need her book since she's focused on taking care of household chores. Anirudh prays that Bondhita realises what a huge mistake she has been making, but Bondhita does not understand Anirudh's efforts. 

Later, Anirudh teaches Manorama how to use the typewriter and praises her in front of Bondhita, calling her a quick learner. He wishes Bondhita to understand and question his behaviour so she stays focused on her studies. When Manorama and others question Anirudh about his decision to stop Bondhita from doing household chores, Anirudh replies that there is no harm in doing household chores, but Bondhita should not avoid her studies for it. 

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