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'Barrister Babu' 8 May Written Update: Bondhita Outsmarts Mami & Anirudh Finds Her

In 'Barrister Babu' 8 May 2021 episode, Bondhita outsmarts Mami and calls up her home while Anirudh finds his way to her through different sources.

barrister babu 8 may 2021


In Barrister Babu 8 May 2021 episode, Bondhita calls out for help and says the fire has caught up in the place she has hidden. She hears the bell and thinks that there might be a temple or a clock tower around. She then realizes that she’s in an old post office. Meanwhile, Anirudh bumps into a man and finds Bondhita’s photo in his hand. He beats up the man and asks him about Bondhita. The man says a woman gave it to him and Bondhita calls her Mami. Anirudh then rushes towards Bondhita.

Barrister Babu 8 May written update

Barrister Babu written update: Meanwhile, Bondhita realizes that there is a telephone wire near her and she connects it. She calls up home and Sampoorna picks up the call. Bondhita informs that Mami has kidnapped her. Sampoorna gets scared when she hears this and disconnects the call. Sampoorna says she had informed her mother to stay away from Bondhita and not get into a mess. Sampoorna then vows to never let Bondhita in the house again. Mami comes back inside and Bondhita pretends to sleep. Mami says she wishes the man comes soon and saves her from trouble.

She goes out to check if the man has arrived. Bondhita calls up home again and this time Trilochan picks up the call. He scolds Sampoorna who is about to pick the call and says he has an important call to pick. Bondhita informs Mami has kidnapped her and asks Trilochan to inform Anirudh about the same. Trilochan scolds Sampoorna for telling Mami that Bondhita is in a hostel. Sampoorna says she is not in contact with her parents, but Bihari says Sampoorna steals fruits and food from their house and sends it to her parents. Sampoorna scolds Bihari but Trilochan shuts her up and warns her to stay away from Bondhita.

Mami comes back and finds Bondhita awake. She scolds her and says she will soon be killed for her sins. Bondhita says she has not committed a crime and should not be killed. Meanwhile, Trilochan gets a call from Anirudh and he informs that Bondhita is near the old post office. Anirudh smiles and runs to Bondhita. Meanwhile, Bondhita tricks Mami to get her food and when the latter leaves, she rushes out and starts ringing the bell. Anirudh hears it and runs to Bondhita, smiling. 


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