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'Barrister Babu' March 16 Written Update: Bondhita To Get A Tattoo Of Anirudh's Name?

'Barrister Babu' written update for March 16 is out. Read on to know more about the story of Bondita and Anirudh in the latest episode of the Colors TV serial.

barrister babu 16 March 2021

In Barrister Babu 16 March 2021 full episode, after Bondhita leaves the drawing-room angrily, Anirudh says that he does not have a problem with her but with the tradition of child-marriage. He says Bondhita is helplessly finding herself stuck in the tradition and he wants her to come out of it. Meanwhile, Bondhita goes to her room and writes her name with Anirudh, on the wall. She starts with one wall and then writes their names on each wall of her room. She falls off a stool and Anirudh runs to Bondhita. He finds her writing their name together, on the wall and asks her to stop it. Bondhita stays adamant and goes on writing their name together. Trilochan gets happy and tells Anirudh to accept the facts. But Anirudh takes a cloth and starts wiping out their names. However, Bondhita does not stop and eventually falls asleep after writing their names together on all walls. 

Barrister Babu March 16, 2021 written update

Barrister Babu written update: The next day, Bondhita comes back from school and finds out that the walls have been cleaned sleek. She gets furious with rage and starts screaming, asking who wiped off whatever she had written. Anirudh comes there and tells her that he wiped off everything she had written. She looks at him angrily when he hands over her a racket, a book and a few other things. He asks her to throw those things at him if she's angry at him. Bondhita tells him that she's very angry at him but remembers what her mother had told her. She throws the things on the ground.

Anirudh then offers Bondhita tamarind seeds and tempts her to eat them. When Bondhita denies it, Anirudh forces her and she throws the box of tamarind seeds angrily. Anirudh then explains to her that she should not become like tamarind seeds and not let people use her when they need her and throw her away when they don't. He also explains to her that when someone asks her not to do something, she should not do it. Bondhita agrees with Anirudh and goes to change her clothes. 

Sampoorna comes to Bondhita's room when the latter is about to sit and study. Sampoorna tries to manipulate Bondhita by telling her that Anirudh did wrong by wiping their names off the wall. Bondhita gets angry at Sampoorna and she asks her to leave the room. A few men from the court come to meet Trilochan and tell him that Anirudh has proposed new law. Anirudh comes there and informs Trilochan that he has proposed to make child marriage an illegal ritual in their country.

He says that after the law is implemented, no girl will be allowed to marry before the legal age. He says that little girls who are already married won't have to use their husband's name and instead they will get a new identity. Bondhita listens to all of this and her heart breaks. She decides to get Anirudh and her name tattooed on her arm, so they are never separated. 



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