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Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai Written Updates | March 17: Anshuman Supports Ishwari

'Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai' written update for March 17 are out. Read on to know more details about what happened in the latest episode of the show.

dil yeh ziddi hai written updates

In the latest episode of Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai, Ishwari informs Anshuman that his idol Manu Bhardav has left Jhansi and the competition forever. He fumes and accuses Kajal of the same. While he proceeds to confront her, Ishwari stops and asks him to think clearly. 

Anshuman and Kajal meet for rehearsal. During practice, Anshuman appreciates her. He says that Kajal is a natural dancer as she is the daughter of a renowned celebrity. Kajal becomes furious and convinces him by saying that the duo will ace the competition with their talent. He agrees to her. Later on, Ishwari brings protein shake for Anshuman and a glass of juice for Kajal.

Anshuman supports Ishwari's plan

When Kajal takes a sip, she feels that it is bitter than usual and rushes to the washroom. Meanwhile, Anshuman asks Ishwari if she has done something with the juice. She replies that she had spiked her drink with medicine to accentuate her blindness. Ishwari also says that by the time the duo gets married, she will turn blind. This will help them gain sympathy from fans and emerge successful in the dance competition.

After some time, Kajal enters the room and feels dizzy before collapsing on the ground. This worries Anshuman who asks her if she could see. Suddenly, Rochak overhears him and visits the room to ask why did Anshuman question her vision. The latter becomes nervous because of his deeds.

As Kajal opens her eyes, she asks Anshuman why is the room dark. However, Rochak reveals that the lights are on. She asks him to take her to Dr Sharma. But Ishwari reveals that he is out of town. She says that she will assist her in finding another doctor. Kajal agrees and asks her to take her to the washroom.

Meanwhile, Rochak asks Anshuman about the incident that occurred before he saw her collapse. Sometime later, Kajal enters perfectly normal and asks Rochak to take her home. On their way, she reveals Rochak that she wants to win the competition for Anshuman. Kajal also asks him not to inform her mother about the recent incident. But he reveals that he smelt something fishy. However, Kajal defends Anshuman.

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Kajal finds out that her bottles of medicines are empty. Meanwhile, Anshuman says that the medicine did not work on her. But Ishwari tells her plan to him. She sets bait by bringing a fake Dr Verma, who tries to blind Kajal by injecting her eyes. On the other hand, Rochak does not find Kajal at home and searches for her.

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