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'Kumkum Bhagya' April 23, 2021, Written Update: Pragya And Tanu Confront Each Other

Here's 'Kumkum Bhagya' written update for episode 1830 which airs on April 23, 2021. Read on to find what happens next in Abhi and Pragya's life.

Promo Image Source: A still from Kumkum Bhagya

Promo Image Source: A still from Kumkum Bhagya

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, which will air on April 23, 2021, Pragya and Tanu confront each other. Abhi is in jail and Pragya is doing all that she can to prove his innocence. Read on to find what incidents transpired in Kumkum Bhagya's latest episode.

The scene opens with Reyhana Malhotra and Rhea meeting Abhi in the jail. Reyhana tells that she made a mistake by taking in Tanu, but she won't make a mistake by neglecting Pragya. She leaves the police station after talking to Abhi. 

Rhea and Prachi meet Abhi in jail

Abhi and Pragya's twin daughters Rhea and Prachi meet their father in jail. Abhi was arrested after Tanu allegedly accused him of raping her. Rhea and Prachi both don't see eye to eye as sisters but put up a united front in front of their father. The trio shares an emotional moment as the girls express their trust and faith in their father. Rhea reveals that they met Tanu the day before and scolded her for her false allegations. She also reveals that Prachi was present before her and that Tanu even pushed her but Rhea saved Prachi from getting hurt. Later, once they leave for their home, Rhea tells Prachi to not read into the situation as she only spoke nicely for Abhi to feel better. She also says that she won't drop Prachi home. Prachi says that since she came by public transport, she can go back the same way as well and later grumbles by calling Rhea a spoiled brat who does not speak respectfully regardless of what relation they share. 

Pragya visits a lawyer to fight their case against Tanu Mehta

Pragya enters a lawyers office in a hurry. She speaks to the lawyer, Mr Singhania to fight her case against Tanu. Mr Singhania says that he only fight for the truth and that he has not lost any case. Momentarily, Pragya misunderstands that Mr Singhania has accepted Pragya's request, but he tells her that he is fighting for Tanu Mehta against Abhi. He indirectly calls Abhi a rapist to which Pragya retaliates saying that he cannot go on making conclusions without proper evidence. Mr Singhania corrects himself and says that Abhi is a rape accused regardless and that he believe Tanu's story.

Ranbir is seen following Tanu in his car. He loses track of Tanu and wonders if she came to know that he is following her. He gets into his car and resumes his search

Prachi and Sarita discuss steps to help Abhi

Prachi reaches home from the police station after meeting Abhi. Shahana has the TV on which shows Tanu's interview with a news channel regarding her allegations against Abhi. Prachi switches the TV off and says that they need not watch the false news. Sarita tells Pragya that the public watches the fake news regardless and that their opinion matters in such cases. She also tells that regardless of them knowing the truth, the public's opinion can make or break a case. To prove Abhi's innocence, Tanu needs to be questioned and the truth must be revealed in front of the public at the earliest. Just as Savita and Shana are discussing the matters, Prachi takes her bag and leaves. 

Tanu and Pragya confront each other at the lawyer's office

Tanu enters Mr Singhania's cabin right in time when Pragya was speaking to him. Tanu arrogantly says that Pragya won't find a lawyer because of the accusations against Abhi. She says that she keeps an eye on both Pragya and Abhi. Tanu also sarcastically asks Mr Singhania to find a public prosecutor for Pragya. 

The two ladies confront each other about the allegations against Abhi. The tension rises between the two and Mr Singhania calls his assistant and the security for help. He walks out of the room and Tanu locks the door to his cabin. After that, Tanu speaks the truth to Pragya that she was not raped at all. It is just a false allegation to harass Pragya. Tanu who has long harboured feelings for Abhi lashes out that she would be with Abhi if only Pragya wasn't there in his life. 

Towards the end of the confrontation, Tanu also reveals to Pragya that she has one solid proof to prove her rape allegations against Abhi. Pragya asks her what she plans to do with it, to this Tanu replies that she will destroy her. Kumkum Bhagya April 23 episode ends on a cliffhanger and an epic confrontation between Pragya and Tanu. 

Promo Image Source: A still from Kumkum Bhagya

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