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'Kundali Bhagya' 22 March 2021 Written Update: Akshay Blackmails Kritika For Money

'Kundali Bhagya' 22 March 2021 Written Update: Akshay calls up Kritika and tells her how happy is to know about her marriage and then threatens her for money

kundali bhagya 20 March 2021 written update

Kundali Bhagya March 22 episode begins with Mahira showing the proof of the transferred amount to Shubham and telling him not to underestimate her. He asks her and Sherlyn to go outside the room so that nobody is able to see them together. He then thinks if anyone sees them together, he might not be able to marry Kritika. Mahira then leaves the room but Sherlyn stays and hugs him. Read ahead to know Kundali Bhagya 20 March written update.

Kundali Bhagya 20 March Written Update

Kareena not satisfied with Prithvi’s clarification

Kareena then meets Kritika and confesses how she is not satisfied with what Prithvi explained, to which she says that it is okay as she trusts him and does not want to know anything else. Kritika then asks Kareena to support her and says that they should talk tomorrow about this. Kareena then says that she is fine with it if Kritika trusts him.

Preeta meets Prithvi

Meanwhile, Preeta goes to Prithvi’s room and as Sherlyn was already present there, she hides when Preeta enters the room. Preeta then tells Prithvi that he is fooling Kritika and says how she knows his true colours and will not forget what he did to Janki and Sarla. She then challenges him that she will soon expose him and find out about his first wife. 

Prithvi challenges Preeta

When Preeta threatens to expose him, he tells her that nobody will be able to stop him from marrying Kritika to which Preeta tells him that she will never let this happen. He then tells him that Kritika was on his side, it was enough for him to marry her and win against her. Meanwhile, Kritika is sitting alone thinking about whatever happened during the day when Prithvi enters. She then realises that he is drunk so she tells him to stay out as she wants to be alone. Karan then sees Prithvi and warns him not to hurt his sister at any cost. Prithvi then meets Sherlyn who tells him that if Kritika refuses to marry him then the family will throw him out of the house to which he says that he will plan something to win her trust again.

Akshay threatens Kritika

Kritika gets a call from Akshay who congratulates her on the wedding and tells him how happy he is to hear about it. She then yells at him for calling her and says that she will never forgive him even if he apologises. He then tells her that he wanted to marry her to get money and as he still wants money, he will blackmail her to get some. He then says that if she will not give her money then he will leak all of their intimate photos.



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