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'Kundali Bhagya' August 13, 2021 Written Update: Preeta Reveals The Truth To Karan

'Kundali Bhagya' August 13, 2021 written update: As Preeta feels guilty, she decides to reveal her pregnancy truth to Karan that leaves him devastated.

Kundali Bhagya latest episode


Kundali Bhagya August 13: The episode begins with Sarla telling Preeta that she can feel her and advising her not to reveal the truth before they return to Mumbai. Preeta then tells her that it is becoming difficult for her to keep it a secret as everyone is taking good care of her. She also tells her how Karina, who doesn’t like her much, is taking good care of her but she is betraying everyone by hiding the truth. 

Kundali Bhagya 13 August 2021 written update:

Sarla consoles Preeta

Sarla then tells Preeta that her family will understand her situation and her pain and even assures her that she will be able to conceive again soon. Karan then enters the room to which she disconnects the call. He then apologises to her thinking that he hurt her and promises him that he will take good care of her and the baby. He even dreams of teaching their baby how to play football to which she stops him and reveals that she is not pregnant. He then goes into shock while Preeta keeps crying. Karan then calms himself and hugs her.

Sherlyn misses Preeta’s report

Meanwhile, Sherlyn somehow finds Preeta’s medical report to which Prithvi asks her to reveal what is written inside. She then tells him that she knows what’s in there but accidentally drops it in a dirty pot of water. On the other hand, as Preeta and Karan leave, Achila calm Rakhi and tells her that she need not worry as there isn’t any serious problem to which Dadi still worries for them. Rakhi then says that Karan would’ve done something to hurt Preeta while Srishti backs him. 

Sonakshi wishes to have Rakhi and Preeta like bond with Achila

Meanwhile, Sonakshi tells Kritika that she also wishes Achila to love her the way Rakhi loves Preeta. As Rakhi gets tensed on seeing Preeta crying, she goes to her room but Dadi stops her. Later, Sherlyn returns with her dirt all over her dress while Janki and Srishti take a dig at her. In the room, Karan confirms Preeta is she is joking about the pregnancy but Preeta says that the doctor informed her after the tests that she is not pregnant nor she can ever conceive a baby. She then apologises to him for keeping this a secret all this while as she could not dare to ruin their happiness. He then hugs her and tells her that he will now love her more. 



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