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'Kundali Bhagya' July 19, 2021 Written Update: The Show Takes A Leap Of 3 Months

'Kundali Bhagya' July 19, 2021 written update: As the show takes a leap of three months, it shows Sherlyn and Preeta trying to become good daughters-in-law.

Kundali Bhagya July 19 2021 written update


Kundali Bhagya July 19 episode begins with a leap of three months in which Karan and Preeta are seen having a small argument about a promise he made to help Preeta but forgets to wake up. She then goes to the bathroom furiously while Karan goes to sleep again. Meanwhile, Kritka and Rakhi talk to each other where the former asks Rakhi to join her for the prayer but she does not respond. Kritika then asks her to forget whatever happened in the past and asks her to live in the present. 

Kundali Bhagya July 19, 2021 written update: 

Preeta and Karan share a moment together 

While Rakhi assures Kritika that she is fine, Kareena and Sherlyn speak to each other about how the latter should review the credit for pooja preparations and hopes that everyone will praise her. Meanwhile, as Preeta manages the decorations while standing on a stool, she falls from it but Karan manages to catch her. Karan then tells her that he knew that she will fall to which he blames him for making him fall. 

Luthras celebrate Dadi’s birthday

As the panditji arrives, all the family members gather together for the pooja on the occasion of dadi’s birthday. As the entire family performs the prayer ritual, they wish Dadi on her birthday while Karan dances with her. Even Mahesh dances with Dadi to which Rakhi says how it was Preeta’s plan to celebrate her birthday this way. Preeta then tells Dadi that she knew how she liked celebrating her birthday the way her father used to plan. She also brings the cake that dadi’s father used to get for her to which Mahesh and Dadi applaud her.  

Preeta shows a sign of pregnancy

Dadi then tells everyone that it has been three months since she hasn’t seen Mahesh smiling and as he smiles because of Preeta’s efforts, she wants her to cut the cake with her. As they cut the cake together, Sameerplays Dadi’s favourite song in the background. Meanwhile, Sherlyn feels jealous of Preeta stating how nobody is praising her and her efforts to which Kritika tells her to calm down as everyone is enjoying. Kareena then asks Preeta to get the gift from her room and as she walks towards the room, she loses her consciousness. As Karan and others head towards her and sprinkle water on her face, she gains wakes up and runs to the bathroom to puke. On seeing this, Dadi and Rakhi look at each other and smile and tell Karan that he is going to become a father. 


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