'Mujhse Shaadi Karoge' Written Update | March 20: The Concluding Night - The Grand Finale

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'Mujhse Shaadi Karoge' written updates for March 20 are out. Read to know about the latest episode where a lot of interesting events took place. Read on

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Mujhse Shaadi Karoge

Mujhse Shaadi Karoge March 20 episode begins with Vikas Gupta asking the men that how many and who think that Shehnaaz Gill won’t choose them? Mayur and Balraj say that they don’t think she’ll choose them. Tehraan says he won’t give up hope.

The girls say that Shehnaaz Gill’s heart isn’t available. To which Shehnaaz Gill replies that she doesn’t want to make a joke out of the wedding. Shehnaaz Gill says that Mujhse Shaadi Karoge is a big title and that she won’t take it lightly. Heena says that other than Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz won’t be with anyone. Vikas Gupta asks if Shehbaz has a connection here, to which Paras Chhabra says yes, his connection is with Heena.

Vikas Gupta tells everyone that it was clearly told that anyone can make a connection with anyone. He says that love cannot be done forcibly and no one can force them to fall for someone forcibly. Vikas further asks them to find that space, find love and win the show together. He says he wants to see happiness and compliments Ankita for the huge smile on her face.

Vikas Gupta then adds that love always and asks everyone to listen to their hearts. He then reveals that he will be spending the night in the house. In the garden area, Vikas Gupta asks Navdeesh, Aanchal and Sanjjanaa how their journey has been. Aanchal stars crying and say that she is hurt by everyone calling her a liar and putting her down. Vikas gives her some wise words and boosts her confidence.

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The next day, Shehnaaz Gill reveals that her ‘Dil ka Haal’ is nothing because her brain is working as the ‘Mastermind’ is in the house. She says she got good vibes, her mood is fresh and she’s feeling good. Shehnaaz Gill urges everyone to stay safe from Coronavirus.

Later, Heena tells Shehnaaz that Balraj and Ankita like each other. She tells her that both of them are ready to get married and want to get married after they leave from the house. Shehnaaz Gill says let them get married here, Heena says no, let them go out and sort things out.

Paras Chhabra reveals that his ‘Dil ka Haal’ is that he’s happy Vikas Gupta is in the house. Girls who are faking their reality have come forward with their own connections and they should focus on their connections. His ‘Dil ka Haal’ is satisfied and he’s happy.

Heena tries to get Balraj to confess if he wants to get married to Ankita. He says it’s difficult to get anything out of him. Vikas Gupta tries to set Ankita and Balraj up. Ankita says she likes him and is attracted to him. Sanjjanaa says she likes Paras and Paras Chhabra only. Heena takes Mayur’s name even before Vikas can ask the question.

Heena tells Mayur that she knows Jasleen and she knows that Jasleen likes him. Mayur is asked to say whatever he feels for Heena and he says he wants to spend his life with her. Heena says she knows him and that he is lying. Shehbaz talks to Ankita and tries to make her realise that she likes Balraj. Balraj comes in and kisses Ankita on the head. Shehbaz reveals that Balraj has told him that he loves Ankita.

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Vikas announces the Grand finale

Paras Chhabra and Ankita talk it out and they sort their differences. Vikas Gupta reads out a note that the show will end prior than expected. He says that because of the COVID-19 outbreak the finale of the show will be held today itself. Vikas Gupta asks someone to get something from the storeroom. There’s an envelope with each contestants’ name on it. The contestants are asked to write the name of one person they see their future within the blank envelope. They are asked to think from their heart as this is their moment of truth.

When Vikas Gupta asks the contestants to open their envelope, he asks Heena to read the name first. Heena chooses Mayur, Balraj writes Ankita’s name, Shehbaz also writes Ankita’s name, Aanchal chooses Paras Chhabra and so does Sanjjanaa. Tehraan mentions Shehnaaz Gill’s name in the envelope, while Navdeesh chooses Paras Chhabra and Ankita write’s Balraj’s name. Vikas Gupta reveals that the show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge has gotten its first connection and first relationship.

Mayur reveals that he has written Shivani’s name. Heena says she didn’t expect anything from. She adds that isn’t hurt and she’ll always maintain the friendship that they have. Shivani discloses that she has written Paras Chhabra’s name.

Vikas Gupta asks Shehnaaz Gill and Paras Chhabra who do they want to choose? Paras has to choose one girl whom he can see as his life partner. He says he likes all the 4 girls who have written his name, but he says Aanchal is here to get married, he adds that he likes her maturity and he can see his future in her. Paras Chhabra hugs Aanchal.

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Vikas Gupta asks if Shehnaaz Gill will accept or deny Tehraan’s proposal. Shehnaaz says she doesn’t even want to think about it and that it is a clear no from her side. Vikas Gupta yells at her and asks her why she took the show? He goes on to ask Shehnaaz that why didn’t she leave the show?

Vikas Gupta asks Shehnaaz Gill to leave the show and asks the makers to open the gates for her to leave. Shehnaaz Gill tells Vikas that she has never given false hopes to anyone in the house and says that she has been very serious in the show. She regrets coming on Mujhse Shaadi Karoge and reveals that she died a little each day while on the show. She confesses that she thought the show will be like Big Boss 13.

Shehnaaz Gill says she cannot make a decision because the relationship will break later on. She goes on to say that she doesn’t want to get the tag of being divorced. Whenever she accepts a guy in front of the world as her husband she wants to be sure of it.

Vikas Gupta tells her no one can force her to get married to anyone. He then asks Shehnaaz Gill to go to her love right this instant and complete her ‘Naaz’. Shehenaaz Gill says bye to everyone and Vikas leads her out. Vikas tells everyone that they were in the show to find love and he is happy that one person who was here to find love- Paras Chhabra found it and one other unexpected pair- Balraj and Ankita also found love. Mujhse Shaadi Karoge March 20 episode ends with all the contestants dancing around after Vikas Gupta says that the show has officially ended now.

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