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Rohit Roy Roots For Wife Manasi Joshi As She Makes Her Acting Comeback After 2 Decades

In a touching video, Rohit Bose Roy expressed his anticipation for his wife Manasi's show's premiere, scheduled for today (September 18).

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Rohit Roy

Rohit Roy expresses happiness after his wife returns to TV screens | Image: Rohit Roy/Instagram

Manasi Joshi Roy and Rohit Roy tied the knot in the late 90s. After their wedding, Manasi took a long hiatus from acting in order to focus on her family. Now, the actress is all set to return to the television screens after nearly two decades with her show Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai. Ahead of the show's release, Rohit expressed his excitement for his wife's upcoming show.

3 things you need to know

  • Manasi Joshi and Rohit Roy tied the knot on June 23, 1999. 
  • They welcomed their daughter Kiara in 2002.
  • The actress took a break from acting to prioritise their daughter's upbringing.

Rohit Bose Roy showers praise on Manasi Joshi

In a touching video, Rohit Bose Roy expressed his anticipation for the show's premiere, scheduled for today (September 18). He also showered praise on his wife's performance and shared his eagerness to watch the first episode with their family.

In the video shared by Rohit, he and his wife Manasi were seen dancing in front of the show's poster. Rohit even gave a kiss to his wife during the dance. In his caption, he expressed his eagerness for the show's premiere, stating that he has never been this excited about any of his own work.


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"ONE DAY TO GO! I haven’t waited this eagerly for any work of mine!!! Ambika se mulaqat hogi," he wrote in his caption. 

Rohit Roy wants to work with wife Manasi

At that time, Rohit Roy expressed his eagerness to collaborate with his wife professionally. He said that while Manasi prioritised Kiara's upbringing earlier, now that there's more time on her hands and they are open to the idea of working together if the right script comes along. Rohit praised Manasi's acting skills and indicated their mutual interest in joint projects.

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