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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Written Update For April 29: Radhika Has A Master Plan

In Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 written update for April 29, Radhika is seen putting a plan in place so that Gehna and Anant don't go out together. Have a look.

Source: Still from Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2

Radhika has a fresh plan in new Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 written update

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 is an Indian drama show which revolves around the story of Anant, Gehna, and their joint family. In the last episode of the show, Gehna and Anant were seen having a small argument over Radhika and her personal life. Have a look at what happens next on the show.

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 written update for April 29

Gehna is upset with Anant

The episode starts with Sagar trying to gain Gehna’s attention but she seems too distracted. Sagar walks behind her to the terrace and sees her sitting there with a sad face on. He tries to convince him to play with her but she refuses and asks him to go and sleep as it is beyond his bedtime. Anant walks in there and takes the paper facemask which was in Sagar’s hand. He puts the smiley face mask on Genha’s face and tells her that she looks better with a smile on her face. Gehna is not convinced of his actions and walks away from him. Sagar asks Anant to apologize to his Mumma as he does not want to see his mother sad. Anant apologizes right away and tells her that they will go to watch the play tomorrow.

Gehna is delighted to hear that and starts playing with Sagar while Anant is lost in thoughts. He thinks to himself how innocent Gehna is and how she felt so bad when he lashed out at her regarding Radhika's matter. He also decides to tell Gehna the truth after seeking permission from Radhika. He later joins Gehna and Sagar in their game.

Anant and Gehna have a moment

During the game, Anant and Gehna have a romantic moment as they fall on the floor while embracing each other. At a distance, Kanak is seen showing Radhika the whole scene through a video call. Radhika is jealous of them and asks Kanak why Sagar is becoming a bridge between Gehna and Anant when he was actually supposed to bring Anant closer to her. She is furious about how Gehna dropped her home tactfully. Kanak assures her that she has planned something explosive which will change the narrative soon.

Hema gets pushed by Sagar

Hema walks into the terrace and tries to play with Sagar. But he gets agitated and pushes her hard, making her fall on the rough floor, hurting herself. Kanak sees this as an opportunity and rushes to the terrace to make things worse. Gehna yells at Sagar or his actions and Hema goes in to dress her wounds. Kanak tries to fuel a misunderstanding between Gehna and Hema by saying that Gehna is planning all of this and it is all her fault. However, her plans go in vain when Sagar walks in and apologizes to Hema for pushing her. She says it is fine and tells Kanak that she has misunderstood the whole thing, Gehna has no bad intentions and she is a great influence on Sagar.

The next day, Tia notices how happy Gehna is, at the breakfast table and asks her why she is so elated. Gehna tells her that they are going to watch a play today and Anant loves watching these dramas. Radhika overhears them and tells them that Anant cannot go anywhere today since they have some important work to deal with. Anant walks into the room and tells Radhika that he will finish the presentation as soon as possible and go watch the play with Gehna.

Anant gets to work

Radhika and Anant get to work and start working on the presentation. Anant is unaware that he is unable to fix the software because Radhika has a piece of data hidden somewhere. She does not want Anant to finish work so that his plans with Gehna are canned at the end of the day. Anant redoes the presentation multiple times but is unable to arrive at any conclusion.

Gehna is visibly excited for her day out with Anant. She is trying on different outfits and is unable to decide what she should wear. She seeks help from Tia regarding her outfit choice and the two ladies try to fix a look. Gehna thinks to herself that Radhika will not let this happen easily and she will do everything in her power to delay Anant’s work.

Radhika has a plan to spoil Gehna's date night

In Anant’s room, Anant figures out that some data is missing and is very stressed about fixing this presentation. He keeps trying to get it right but fails every time. Gehna stands at the doorstep and hesitantly enters the room asking if they have finished their work. Anant gets annoyed at her and rudely asks her if she is unable to see that they are still working on the presentation. Gehna walks away and comes in after some time asking if they need anything to eat. Anant gets very agitated now and asks her to leave while Radhika smirks in the background. She thinks to herself that she will not let Anant leave by prolonging the presentation and its preparation. Gehna is all decked up for the play and on the other hand, Radhika thinks to herself that this is the beginning of Gehna’s defeat.

Image Courtesy: Still from Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2



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