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Varun Dager, Former India's Best Dancer Contestant, Says He Was Assaulted In Delhi

Varun Dager, a former contestant at India's Best Dancer and a street performer, alleged that he was beaten by a Delhi police officer in Connaught Place, Delhi.

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Nitish Vashishtha
India’s Best Dancer

Image: varun_dager03/Instagram

Varun Dager, a former India’s Best Dancer contestant and a street artist, recently accused Delhi Police officers of allegedly assaulting him. He took to social media to share the video from the incident, where he can be seen escorted out of a venue in Delhi’s Connaught Place by a policeman and a B-Block parking worker. The former India’s Best Dancer contestant posted the video on Instagram.

He gave a lengthy caption, originally in Hindi, detailing what transpired during the violent episode. Varun was allegedly performing without any official permission from the authorities at Connaught Police. He said in the caption that the police came to escort him out of the location, and along with them some parking employees also arrived at the scene. Varun detailed all the instances of being cussed at, beaten and abused.

He accused the parking employee of being unfair, saying that he is yet to follow suit by filing official complaints against both the Delhi police officer and the parking employee. “When I was packing my bags, a parking employee from Block B pulled me by my collar and started cussing at me,” said Varun Dager. He added, “A policeman then came to me and pulled my hair. He used his elbow to hit me and dragged me to the police car. I kept asking about what is it I’ve done to get this treatment, but they gave no answer and said that I will know about it once I reach the police station”. His post has received more than 50,000 likes on Instagram. 


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People come to support Varun Dager

Several people took to the comments and gave their wishes to Varun. While one person commented, “he is only showing his love about dance, providing peace and happiness to the viewers, this is really not fair,” another asked if he’s had his medical check-up done. Others shared their outrage at the incident and criticised Delhi Police

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