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Dissecting Vincenzo Ep 10 And Preview - Does Han Seo Turn Against Jun Woo?

Vincenzo ep 10 beat its own record with the most amount of viewership rate. Let's quickly recap everything that's revealed until now & analyse what can happen.


Vincenzo is doing wonders in terms of viewership at the moment, beating its own record with a peak of 12.5% rating for the 10th episode. The show also reached the top 10 Netflix charts, even in India. The latest episode was named the best episode yet by fans as it managed to offer suspense, romance and a bit of comedy all at the same time. Let's catch up on what all went down in the Vincenzo universe and what can we expect in future episodes.

(Warning - Vincenzo Spoilers)

Vincenzo ep 10 recap - What to expect from the upcoming episodes?

Vincenzo is slowly starting to look like a chess game. While the power couple enjoyed back-to-back wins in the earlier episodes, the Wusang x Babel troop proved their potential, delivering the most ruthless amount of body counts in the latest two episodes. At the end of the 9th episode, fans were left speechless with the shock of seeing the families of the Babel victims presumably committing mass suicide. But the following episode quickly revealed that the incident was, too, a meticulously executed murder from the hands of Babel under the name of suicide. What's more? The murder was actually planned by Jun Woo's little brother Han Seo, proving that he's not too sane in the head either.

Since the Babel group practically owns half of the judiciary of the country, it's easy for them to get away with murders - or so they think. But with Vincenzo now in the epicentre, he promises to get to the root of the crime and avenge the death of the families. In one of the sweet moments of the show, Vincenzo tells a mourning Cha young that there's no use in stopping him now as he will make sure to kill the real boss of Babel (having earned the hilarious abbreviation Babo). He was quickly taken aback to find out that Cha young is actually okay with it as she quotes, "promises can be broken out of necessity."

On the other side of the town, sporting a complete contrast to Cha young's statement, Myung hee mentions that there's nothing as meaningless as a promise while chatting with Jun-woo. In the same conversation, Jun-woo brings up a very interesting take on why he chooses to not reveal his identity as the real chairman. He says that it makes him feel like God. "God enjoys making people suffer while remaining hidden someplace. Then he gives a couple of happy moments to delude them into thinking that life is worth living."

Vincenzo ep 10 presented the most amount of romantic moments too, as Vincenzo and Cha young open up to each other while sharing a bottle of rice wine. She asks him for the second time if he plans on leaving the country after the case is solved, almost as if to remind herself to not fall for him. The two tuck away their feelings for each other but their eyes communicate. The next morning, the duo plan a perfect way of threatening their enemies now that they know that Babo was enquiring about Vincenzo's true identity in Italy.

The plan was hilariously executed as Myung hee, Han Seo and Mr Han each receive a bloody "C" letter as a warning sign. When Jun-woo realises that Vincenzo is a feared consigliere back in Italy, it is also revealed that the letter "C" actually stands for the "Cassano family" and that it's his signature move before killing someone. At first, Jun-woo looks more amused than scared of the revelation but quickly follows it up with, "I'll have to kill him before he kills us."

Jun-woo lures Cha young into meeting him so that he can execute the murder of Vincenzo. Vincenzo, always being two steps ahead, knows that something is going to go wrong and instead lures the assassins into following him to an abandoned tunnel. Thus begins the Mafia level action that fans were looking forward to the most. On the other hand, Cha young is notified about his plan and hurriedly reaches the place.

As she reaches the station, she runs out of the car and quickly embraces him with no fear whatsoever that a bullet might pierce through her from anywhere. Special mention of the beautiful cinematography that was showcased in this scene. The fact that she clung to him with absolutely no fear spoke volumes about her love for him. But these facts fell pale in comparison to Vincenzo's blood-stained hands reaching out to her. He stood there, at first, hesitant to make a move as he clenched his fist tight almost pushing away his urge. But when he does touch her, it indicates that he's finally ready to welcome her into his dark world. In the final scene, Vincenzo reveals that he knows who the real boss of Babel is while staring straight at Jun-woo. 

The preview suggests that Vincenzo's hunch is indeed correct, although it's still not clear how he figured it out, as he's seen conversing with Jun-woo on the phone, warning him that it's better for him to run away. Jun-woo, in response, says confidently that Vincenzo can come to kill him again if he wants, which might mean that he was already attacked once in the episode. It also looks like both Cha young and Vincenzo get arrested but are eventually let out because of Han Seo. Vincenzo words at the end, "It's most effective to use his own trained hunting dog against him."  This might suggest that Han Seo is finally turning against his brother.



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