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MHA 309 Spoilers Leaked; Citizens Willing To Help Tatami After Muscular's Attack

MHA 309 or My Hero Academia chapter 309 is one of the upcoming episodes of the popular series whose spoilers were recently revealed online. Read on.

Still from MHA trailer 

Still from MHA trailer 

My Hero Academia is one of the popular Japanese superhero manga series that follows the life of a boy named Izuku Midoriya, who does not have any superpowers and is scouted by Japan’s greatest hero who helps him train to become a hero. As the fans have been waiting for the upcoming MHA 309 chapter, its summary was recently leaked ahead of the release of the new chapter.  

MHA 309 spoilers 

In the recent MHA 309 chapter, Mr Smith and Boomerang Man from Ketsubutsu Gakuen arrive as they see Deku carrying Muscular. Even the citizens are willing to help Tatami. As Shindo regains consciousness, he sees Deku and observes how his appearance has changed over time. Meanwhile, Deku says that the fourth quirk had calmed down and adds it is time to reunite with All Might and contacts him to let him know he was returning to their place. As he arrives, All Might checks him if he has any injuries to which he assures him that he is fine and thanks to him for The Gauntlet that he ordered for him.

Later on, as Hawk calls up All Might and asks him about Deku, he escapes. All Might then gets nervous to which Hawk tells him how finding AFO/Shigaraki first increases their chance of winning. He also adds that he understands that All Might is in a difficult position and states that he wishes for his cooperation. 

All Might then goes into a flashback, thinking about the time when they were in the hospital. He also recalls the time when Inko was there as Deku’s casts were opened and how he could still move his arms and legs although they said that he might not be able to move it if he gets a similar kind of injury once again. He also recalls the time when they stated how Deku’s body was stronger than before even after the same amount of damage and added that he could still withstand the damage. 

Al Might then explains One For All quirk to Inko, to which Inko states that Deku could have the power as he was quirkless. At the end of MHA 309, Deku meets All Might and contacts Mirio Togata, Neijire Hado and Tamaki Amajiki. 

MHA 309 release date

My Hero Academia manga series Chapter 309 has been slated to release this Sunday on April 18, 2021. The series can be watched on Viz after signing up for it.

Image Source- Still from MHA trailer 



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