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Rick And Morty Season 4 Episode 6 Explained | All Aboard The 'Story Train'

Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 6 explained: Here is how the multi-layered narrative of the episode unfolds into a hilarious and mind-blowing episode. Read.

rick and morty season 4 episode 6 explained

Rick and Morty's Season 6 Episode 4 was recently released and it was named 'Never Ricking Morty'. The writers once again managed to blow the minds of the audience with the episode's multi-layered structure and 'breaking of the fifth wall'. While there have always be scattered hints of how Rick and Morty are aware of them being a part of TV show, this episode takes the theme to yet another level.

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Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 6 explained

The episode 'Never Ricking Morty' is multi-layered, which not really different and unique when it comes to a Rick and Morty episode. While the show has always gone with a meta-narrative, this time, the meta-commentary in itself is the plot of the show. While this might seem confusing at first, the scenes unfolding in the show start making sense slowly.

The majority of events in the episode takes place in a ‘Story Train’, in which each of the bogies represents a part of the story that is supposed to either happen in the upcoming episodes or are just used a background to set the plot of the episode. The Story Train is used by the makers of the show to try and play with what is supposed to be a ‘satisfying ending’. When the episode starts, one expects that the plot would move in a general format of how new characters realise that they are linked together with one cord, which is Rick.


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This breaks as soon as Rick and Morty enter the train and try to find their way through the train. While Rick looks for how the accelerate himself and Morty to the end of the story train, it is another way to say that they wanted to go to the end of the plot. Rick realises that only strict adherence to plot rules will make them reach the end of the story. Hence begins some witty chain of events. A perfectly ripped opponent comes up and gets killed. Rick realises that they needed to complete the Bechdel test and we see Summer and Beth speak to each other about ‘women problems’.


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Once Rick and Morty make it to the front of the train, they finally confront the supervillain behind this strict adherence to plot rules. It’s Story Lord of course (played by Paul Giamatti)! Story Lord craves good narrative and he knows the best place to find it is inside Rick and Morty’s brains. So Story Lord hooks the pair up to his story-extracting machine (name pending) to extract the best bits of their future adventures.


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Then comes the perfect future of Rick and Morty, Summer finally going to college, Abradolf Lincler's return, Snowball the mechadog can be spotted, Summer battles her nemesis Tammy Gueterman, and Rick is battling Birdperson. It ends with Rick and Morty facing forces of Evil Morty filled with Mr Meeseeks, one Darth Sidious-ified Mr Poopybutthole, thousands of Ricks, and several hundred more Morty Jrs. That is when Rick decides to be saved by Jesus, who is also ripped, seemingly a perfect end of the story. Rick says how he is taking the good stuff, and Morty asks if it was canon. Rick says,

“It could have been.”

After all the action, they show ‘the real world’ where it is shown that everything that happened inside the train was just inside a Story Train that Morty purchased for his grandfather from the Citadel of Ricks. Rick sloppily asks Morty for a kiss, happy that his grandson participated in capitalism. Here ends the episode.

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