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What Happened To White Vision? Where Did White Vision Go At The End Of The Episode?

Episode 9 of 'WandaVision' introduced the fans to a new form of Vision, the White Vision. What happened to White Vision at the end of WandaVision? Find out.

what happened to white vision

Episode 9 of WandaVision introduced viewers to a new form of Vision in the form of White Vision. He was made out of the reconstructed body of the original Vision who died in Avengers: Infinity War. In the final episode, we saw the two Visions, the White Vision and the Westview Vision battle it out. By the end of the episode, they'd settled their conflict peacefully. What happened to White Vision? 

What happened to White Vision? 

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When the two Visions were fighting, the Westview Vision asked the White Vision that could they resolve this conflict peacefully. White Vision tells Westview Vision that he's been programmed to eliminate Vision. The Westview Vision interjects saying that he's not the real Vision and that he only has remnants of the Soul Stone's energy. He then introduces the concept of the Ship of Theseus saying, that White Vision is the one who has the body and the memory of the original Vision. He then touches White Vision's mind and unlocks his past memories. We see White Vision have a flashback of all his memories being unlocked and then White Vision says that he is indeed the real Vision. He then flies up and out of the building and leaves Westview, disappearing for the rest of the episode. 

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Where did White Vision go? 

After the fight between the two Visions and the eventual resolution, White Vision flew into the air and disappeared. It's not explained in the episode where he went, but it's safe to say that after regaining his memories, he is faced with an existential crisis. It's highly possible he going to seek out answers to his identity. Fans were left with an important question at the end of the episode. Why didn't White Vision help Wanda when she was fighting Agatha? Well, to answer that question, we'll have to take a look at the history of Vision in Marvel comics. 

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White Vision in comics 

In the comics, White Vision doesn't have the ability to possess any emotions. He is truly a mechanical robot. Without the Soul Stone, he is an empty shell of his former self. Even in WandaVision, we see that the Westview Vision was made out of Wanda's memories and the power of the Soul Stone that resided within her. Without the Soul Stone, Vision is just a machine, incapable of emotion. 

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