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Who Killed Axel In 'White Lines'? Find Out The Culprit As The Story Finally Unravels

'Who killed Axel in White Lines?' is a question that's pondered by every viewer of this thriller drama show. A huge warning: Spoilers and blood ahead!

who killed axel in white lines

The Netflix show White Lines has grabbed a huge fan-following since the time it was aired. The show traces the story of Zoe Walker, who is on the journey to find out the mystery behind her brother Axel Collins' death. Axel in White Lines is a famous DJ and his body is found shrivelled up after his supposed disappearance from Ibiza. The White Lines cast includes Laura Haddock, Nuno Lopes, Marta Milans, and Daniel Mays.

Throughout the whole season, fans are wondering 'Who killed Axel in White Lines?'. The whole series takes one through a journey of doubts and problems, as faced by Zoe. The last episode reveals the killer of Axel.

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White Lines spoilers - Who really killed Axel?

Axel's murder is done by the hands of Anna, and it happens on the night of his birthday party. Axel reveals to Anna that he has sold out all the clubs of their group, along with property and music rights to Oriol Calafat at a bargain price. He also decides to burn 100 million pesetas in a bonfire, making it the centrepiece of the party. He saw how they were getting too obsessed with money and power and that they needed to start afresh.

Anna discovers the money and starts arguing with Axel. Axel reminds Anna of the time they have been sleeping together behind her boyfriend Marcus' back. During this argument, Axel snorts a line of cocaine but proceeds to choke and bleed from the nose. Anna, instead of helping him, shoves his face in the swimming pool and tries to drown him. Marcus finds out and tries to save Axel, but he remains still. 

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Anna and Marcus then take Axel's body and put him in Oriol's car, driving to bury him. Midway through their journey, Marcus is trying to ask Anna what happened when Axel bangs on the boot of the car and also manages to climb out of it. Anna tells Marcus that she will have to go to prison if Axel gets away, which makes Marcus reverse the car and run it over Axel. Axel, being a string bodied man, is still not dead.

Anna then gets out of the car and hits him repeatedly with the tire wrench. Axel fights back as much as he could. Finally, she takes a screwdriver and brutally stabs him, killing him this time.

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In the present day, Anna tells Zoe that she killed Axel as she was worried that Axel will reveal that she was cheating on Marcus. After Marcus finds out the truth, Marcus also shuns Anna completely. He had been hoping to win her back.

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