Published 19:35 IST, May 3rd 2024

Lilly Collins' Emily In Paris Season 4 Release Date Out, Series To Premiere In Two Parts

Lilly Collins has essentially become a household name with her series Emily in Paris. The release date for the fourth season is now out.

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Emily in Paris | Image: IMDb

Lilly Collins as Emily Cooper will be returning to your screens this summer. The release date - or dates in this regard - are now out for the fourth season of the uber-successful Emily in Paris. The series is looking to release in two parts, first in summer, followed by autumn.


Emily in Paris to return in August

'Vulnerable', 'messy', 'chaotic', 'amour', 'heartbreaking', 'REVENGE', 'fashionable' - 'not finished yet'. In a new video shared by the official social media handles of Netflix, the primary cast members of Emily in Paris, led by Lilly Collins and Ashley Park in particular, were asked to describe the upcoming season for the series - its fourth thus far - in three words. The above quoted adjectives is what was thrown up by the team. The video ends with Collins announcing the dates for the release of the season - but there is a twist.

This time around, catering to the massive hyper surrounding the series, the makers have decided to release the fourth season of Emily in Paris, across two parts. The first part of the season will be premiering on Netflix, dated August 15. The second season will be sauntering onto the streaming platform, this autumn, on September 12.


Emily goes to Rome this season

As the name suggests, most of Emily in Paris, across its initial three - and now four - seasons, has been shot in and around Paris and other parts of France. This season in particular, will feature several parts shot in Rome. Late in April, the crew wrapped up their Paris schedule to move on to Rome, where the remaining sequences, are currently being shot.

Lilly Collins even took to her Instagram handle to share glimpses from their last day on set in Paris before they headed off to Rome. The pictures exclusively feature her and Ashley Park, having a merry time on their last day at the Paris sets. 


19:35 IST, May 3rd 2024