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Centre Warns Of Mobile Tower Installation Scams; Shares Pics Of Fake Documents

Centre and the PIB Fact Check has released a new video and document informing people about the mobile tower installation fraud. Read for more details.

Govt warns of fraud over mobile tower installations; shares pics of fake documents


The Press Information Bureau Fact Check has warned telecom service users against frauds related to the installation of mobile towers. The department has shared a video that informs users about how fraudsters are sending messages to people about 4G/5G tower installation in exchange for heavy rentals. When a victim agrees upon the installation, the fraudsters ask them to deposit some amount as a security fund in a fake company's account. 

The video released by PIB Fact Check also shows that the fraudsters are using fake documents that use official logos, symbols and letterheads to trick people into believing that the proposal is genuine. Scammers have also been using fake approval letters in name of different government organizations or other companies. A 'No Objection Certificate' for mobile tower installation is also being circulated in the name of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of India. 

PIB Fact Check informs people about 4G/5G mobile tower installation fraud

The tweet was posted from the official handle of PIB Fact Check on September 13, 2021, at 02:12 PM IST. The tweet contains a link to a PDF file that further informs people about how fraudsters are tricking people and is titled "Public Awareness/Education in respect of frauds related to the installation of mobile tower." Explaining the mobile tower installation fraud, the document says that some individuals/agencies/companies are reaching out to people offering them heavy rental for installing mobile towers on their property.

The fraudsters present convincing documents on the government's letterhead, but these are fake. Once the victim agrees, they ask for submission of security money/application fee/government tax under Telecom Act in the private/company's bank account. Once the fees are submitted, the individuals/companies/organizations become untraceable. Following are the key points highlighted by PIB Fact Check in the document. 

  • Department of Telecommunication is not directly or indirectly involved in renting any premises for installation of 4G/5G mobile towers, neither can the body issue a 'No Objection Certificate' for the same. 
  • A mobile tower may be installed by either Telecom Service Provider (TSP) or Infrastructure Provider (IP-l) as per their licensing/registration conditions.
  • If any company is asking for an advance fee or other kinds of upfront payments, the public is advised to be careful and thoroughly check the credentials of the company. 
  • The fraudsters are liable to be prosecuted under applicable law. 
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