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Maharashtra Floods: Chiplun Woman Falls Back Into Floodwater As Rescuers Lose Grip

Trapped in Maharashtra floods, a woman from the Chiplun district, who was being rescued by some people falls back into the water as the rescuer losses grip.

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The incessant rains are wreaking havoc in Maharashtra with more than 32 people having lost their lives in consequent landslides in the Raigad district. The Konkan region is one of the worst-hit by heavy downpour, with most of the land area inundated. With Maharashtra battered by the rains, the rescue operation continues in several flood-affected areas. Scary visuals from the flooded regions have surfaced. In one such video, a woman from Chiplun district, who was being rescued by some people falls back into the water as the rescuer losses the grip of the rope, on which the woman was clung on. 

Chiplun woman falls into flood waters

In the terrifying video, some people from a rooftop were trying to pull up a woman stranded in the rainwater on the ground with the help of a tyre. The woman clanged onto the tyre and was hoping to reach the rooftop. Just as she was about to be pulled up, the rescuers lose her hand and the woman falls, splashing in the floodwater.

Maharashtra floods: Chiplun worst hit by rain

On Friday, July 23, rescue operations are underway in Chiplun and Khed in Ratnagiri district due to heavy rain causing floods. Hundreds of residents of the city were left helpless in their homes after the Vashishti river flooded.

Ratnagiri District Collector, B N Patil had said, “Helicopters have begun their operations and have successfully moved 100 stranded citizens to safer places. The rescue operation is in progress. We are providing packets of food and shelter to the rescued people". The catchment areas of Vashishti, Savitri rivers, and catchment area of Kolpewadi dam in Satara district, the opening of floodgates of Kolpewadi dam, high tide in the Arabian sea have been some of the chief factors which affected Chiplun the most. More than 80% of the town with a population of 70,000 has been submerged due to the rise in the water level of river Vashishti. 

Maharashtra Floods: CM holds meeting to discuss rescue operations

On Thursday, July 22, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray held a meeting with the officials taking a stock of the flooding in the Ratnagiri and Raigad districts. Thackeray had asked the Disaster Management Units to immediately proceed with the rescue operation and stay vigilant. He has advised people who are living near the rivers to take the proper protocols as the water level in the rivers is constantly rising. He has also requested NGOs to reach out to people. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued red and orange alerts for several regions in the state, that are set to receive heavy rainfall in the next two days. Marathwada is also likely to receive widespread rainfall in the coming days. 

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