Mumbai Local's Motorman Halts Train, Saves Man Who Jumped Onto Railway Track

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A vigilant motorman averted a fatal accident and saved the life of a man who jumped in front of a train at the Borivali station on Tuesday, February 4.

Written By Rishabh Mishra | Mumbai | Updated On:

A vigilant motorman saved the life of a man who jumped in front of the train on Tuesday, February 4. Reportedly, when the motorman was driving the train and was about to arrive at Borivali station, he spotted a man who jumped on the tracks. The motorman immediately applied the emergency breaks in the train and saved the man who jumped on tracks from severe injuries.

As per reports, the 45-year-old man, named Chandrakant was drunk when he tried to jump on the tracks. Inside the video, it can be seen that a fellow passenger standing beside Chandrakant on the platform, tried to stop him. However, he jumped on the tracks. Officials inform that Chandrakant suffered a fracture in his right hand.

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Boy loses life at Kalyan

In a similar reckless incident that occurred a month ago, a 20-year-old boy from Kalyan lost his life while performing a stunt on the train. The incident took place on December 27 between Diva and Mumbra. The incident led the Railways Ministry as well as the Central Railways to tweet out warnings over maintaining safety and caution while traveling by train. 

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The tweet said, "Do not attempt stunts in trains, as it is illegal and can also prove fatal. On December 26, a youth by the name of Dilshaan lost his life while leaning out of the train doing stunts. For your own safety please avoid leaning out of moving trains or attempting to climb aboard moving trains as it can be fatal."

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