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Accessed: CCTV Footage From Kamala Mills Appears To Establish The Time That The Fire Broke Out

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • CCTV footage from the time of the deadly Kamala Mills fire has been accessed from two sources in the compound
  • The first clip captures visuals from inside a Kamala Mills establishment with a view of the street outside
  • The second clip, which carries a timestamp, shows security personnel reacting to the fire and shepherding people out of the compound

Republic TV has exclusively accessed CCTV footage recorded at Kamala Mills from the time that the deadly fire that led to deaths of 14 persons had broken out.

In the clips which can be seen above, we first see through the lens of a camera that is placed at an angle that gives it a view of restaurant-goers sitting at their table as well as people seemingly running from what can be understood to be the fire in the street below.

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While it is not possible to hear what is going on outside, it is evident at about the 16-second-mark how people begin running out of the frame.

The second clip is recorded from street-level and carries a timestamp. Here, one can see people glancing towards what can be presumed to be the fire, toward the top right corner of the frame. However, at approximately 00:32:40 am on Friday, people in the frame suddenly react to something in that direction. Pedestrians begin running away while security staff shepherd them as well as vehicles away towards the exit.

The fire had broken out shortly after Thursday night at one of Mumbai's best-known commercial compounds and restaurant agglomerations. Fire tenders were rushed to the spot and those who had been pulled out of the buildings were taken to the nearby KEM Hospital. At about 3:30 am on Friday, the Dean of KEM Hospital issued a statement that 14 people had died. Later, the hospital's forensic head told Republic TV that all the deaths had been caused due to toxic fumes and suffocation.

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Later, two of the restaurants that were gutted in the blaze, Mojo's Bistro and 1Above, issued statements on the incident. 

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