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After Mumbai Rape Horror, CP Nagrale Orders Extra Security & Patrolling For Women's Safety

Mumbai CP Hemant Nagrale ordered for beefing up security and patrolling in the city, in the backdrop of brutal rape & death of a woman in Sakinaka

Mumbai Police

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Mumbai Commissioner of Police Hemant Nagrale on Monday ordered the beefing up of security and patrolling in the city for the safety of women. This development has come in the backdrop of the brutal rape and death of a woman, who was in her 30s, at Sakinaka which has sent shockwaves across the nation.

11 pointers order has been issued by the Mumbai Top Cop, as follows:

  1. Any call to any police station in the city related to the women has to be attended. No calls are to be left unattended and immediate action should be initiated. Also, the officer in charge of the control room should constantly monitor the case.
  2. After inspecting the secluded places in the city, the Beat marshal, patrol mobile vehicles should increasingly start patrolling.
  3. Street lights in secluded places should be installed in corresponding with the Municipal Corporation. Every day it should be monitored.
  4. Apply QR codes in all the secluded places.
  5. Adequate lighting should be provided in public toilet coordination with the BMC.
  6. Appropriate legal action should be initiated against the accused after a detailed investigation by the police in Incharge.
  7. During a night patrolling, If a woman is found alone, a female police officer should provide immediate help. If needed, she should be shifted to be a safer place.
  8. Prevention action should be initiated against the aptitude of drugs addicts found in the place.
  9. Police at their jurisdiction will keep a close watch on unclaimed Tempo, Taxi, Truck or the vehicles parked at one location for a longer time.
  10. Arrested accused under sections 354, 363, 376, 509 of the IPC or POSCO Act, a separate record of the accused (Sexual offender list) should be prepared. Preventive action should be initiated against the accused.
  11. A police mobile vehicle working in their jurisdiction from 11 PM till 7 in the morning, should enquire on the woman travelling from a long route. A woman should be questioned if she is travelling alone by the officer on duty. Also, immediate assistance should be given to the woman travelling. If required, transport should be provided to the woman reaching her destination with the track record of the transport provided.

Strict implementation of the order: Mumbai Police CP Hemant Nagrale

It is mentioned in the order issued by the Mumbai Police chief that the instructions should be strictly implemented by all the concerned officials. The order was issued by the Mumbai CP after the Sakinaka Rape case.

On Monday, in a press briefing, Hemant Nagrale said, "The Sakinaka police have added sections of the SC/STs Atrocities (Prevention) Act as the 32-year-old belonged to a scheduled caste. Police have also recovered the murder weapon which the accused used during the crime." The Mumbai CP further added, "We have collected strong evidence, including digital files, such as CCTV footage. Advocate Raja Thackeray, a well-known criminal lawyer has been appointed for the case". 

The Police Commissioner added that the accused had no criminal record in Maharashtra, but that police would acquire more details from Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh; the village he hails from. According to Nagrale, the accused in his confession alleged that he knew the victim and that she had "demanded" a few things from him. The victim and the accused broke into an argument while discussing the matter, after which he committed the horrific crime.

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