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Bengaluru: 17-year-old Boy Found Dead With Gun Shot Wound; Police Suspect Suicide

In a horrifying incident, a 17-year-old boy found dead near the Sanjay Nagar bus stand in Bengaluru on Friday, 17 September; police suspected suicide.

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In a horrifying incident, a 17-year-old boy found dead near the Sanjay Nagar bus stand in Bengaluru on Friday, 17 September. According to reports, he was shot in the head using a 3.2 mm gun found at the scene of the crime. The gun was registered after his father's name, according to his family. The boy knew how to use the gun, said the family. Police are now suspecting that it could be a case of suicide or there could be any other reason.

The 17-year old boy was identified as Rahul and he was the son of a retired Army officer. According to reports, Rahul left his house at 4 am on Friday for a morning walk as a part of his daily routine. When he didn't return by 5 am, his family attempted to contact him. However, he didn't return their calls, the family said. As of now, police are considering the incident a death by suicide. Police, on the other hand, stated that the team will look into all possible angles in the case. According to the family, the youngster was doing well in academics and had no other motive to take such a drastic step.

Similar incident in Delhi's Najafgarh

According to police, a 35-year-old man was shot and killed in the Najafgarh neighbourhood of southwest Delhi on Thursday.  Police said, Amit Shokeen, a native of Dichaon village, was shot on Wednesday. At 8.36 pm, police received a PCR call about gunshots at Najafgarh Ajay Park. As per a senior police officer, when officers arrived at the scene, they discovered a car with bullet holes. The car had three occupants, the police said, adding that Shokeen was driving the car while Charan Singh (44), a resident of Deepak Vihar, sat next to him and Dinesh Bhau, a resident of Jharodha village, sat in the back seat.

They consumed alcohol, and when they arrived in Deepak Vihar, Shokeen was shot by the passengers of another car. He was rushed to Swastik Hospital, where doctors declared him dead, according to the police officer.  Shokeen allegedly slapped the suspect's father on January 12 this year, according to police. However, the motive for the murder will be ascertained only after the suspect's arrest.

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