BIZARRE: This Mumbaikar Has Her Family And 70 Cats Living Under One-Rooftop!

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In a bizarre yet cute event, a Mumbaikar has around 70 cats and 4 dogs under her rooftop.

Written By Radhika Sarkar | Mumbai | Updated On:

In a bizarre yet cute event, a Mumbaikar has around 70 cats and 4 dogs living under her rooftop. The 37-year-old Cina Shivdasani has been taking care of these pets from a decade now, and her everyday routine starts with cooking for these little pets of hers. Shivdasani has been saving and providing a shelter to these injured animals who live with her in her one-room house which is just 200-sq ft. She further states that sharing the room along with her pets is her mother and caretaker, who share a common love for animals and so they manage with whatever little space that they have to themselves. This is after the pets have accommodated most of the space. Cina is very famous in the locality because she is known for her love for animals. In her apartment in Mayur Villa, once one enters, all you can see are the cats and dogs sprawling around on top of kitchen tops and cupboards. 

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Shivdasani is a former media professional and is currently working for an animal volunteering shelter. She is also known for having quite a reputation with the police, as she got into trouble with her neighbors and was evicted from her rented houses in Madh, Taloja, Oshiwara, Kharghar and Navi Mumbai. The main reason for these evictions were her pets, who she loved so dearly that she would not part ways with. The entire locality knows her because of her love for cats. However, this passion does not come easy, as she was told to leave the house, but did not and so the owner cut her electricity supply for around 52 days, and soon she was evicted. However, her love for her pets is adorable as she wakes up around 7 am and prepares food for her pets. Further, she also spends around Rs 400 every day feeding them by buying five-kgs of rice, chicken, fresh fish, besides dry fish. Although she might be alone in this struggle, as there are many volunteers in the area who come and bring in food for the pets. The 37-year-old has faced many problems because of her cats but is very passionate towards them and does not want to give up taking care of them. 

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