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Delhi Meat Shop Turns Crisis Into Opportunity, Invites Rs 2,000 Notes In An Innovative Way

Certain companies are now utilising the opportunity by encouraging customers to spend their Rs 2,000 notes at their firm.

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Simran Singh
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Meat shop in Delhi put up a poster on Monday that said, "Give us 2,000/- note and take 2100/- goods from Sardar, a pure meat shop."(Image: Twitter)

Reserve Bank of India's announcement of withdrawing the Rs 2,000 currency note, had put citizens in a pickle as to whether spend or exchange the notes. Now it appears that some businesses have chosen to capitalise on this situation by inviting people to spend their Rs 2,000 notes at their enterprise.

Days after the announcement, a meat shop in Delhi’s GTB Nagar put up a poster on Monday that said, "Give us 2,000/- note and take 2,100/- goods from Sardar, a pure meat shop."

One of the Twitter users took to the micro-blogging site, and shared the poster, saying, "If you think RBI is smart, think again, cos Delhites are much smarter. What an innovative way to increase your sales!"

The RBI's decision to withdraw the Rs. 2,000 currency note has also launched a gold rush. A sudden spike in gold purchases is being witnessed following the currency note withdrawal announcement.

However, a jeweller told the media that the practise of accepting Rs 2,000 notes in lieu of gold at a premium rate is something that may exist only in the disorganised sector. The organised jewellery players stay miles away from such practises. "There have been a lot of inquiries about purchasing gold or silver with Rs 2,000 notes, hence the higher footfalls on Saturday. However, due to strict KYC norms, actual purchases have been lower," Saiyam Mehra, the chairman of the All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council, said.            

On the contrary to turning crisis into opportunity, not all businesses are welcoming the pink Rs 2,000 banknotes. A video surfaced from Uttar Pradesh’s Jalaun, where a petrol pump worker drained the petrol out of a scooter after the man offered a Rs 2,000 note as payment. Many people are buying petrol in small quantities and hoping to exchange the Rs 2,000 note in the process.

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