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Delhi: Police Bust Fake Call Centre; Four Held For Duping On Pretext Of Loan Approval

Delhi Police have detained four people for allegedly duping others under the guise of loan approval, according to the Southeast District Cyber Police Station.


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Four people have been arrested by the Delhi Police for allegedly duping others under the pretext of loan approval. Nine mobile phones, one wireless phone, one laptop, and six ATM cards were also recovered from their possession as a result of their detention, according to the Southeast District Cyber Police Station. Arun Kumar, Sunil, Himanshu Maheshwari, and Anjali Tomar have been named as the four suspects, reported news agency ANI. According to a police press release, the complainant, Shahnawaz, filed a complaint alleging that he was defrauded under the guise of approving a loan and had deposited Rs 85,000 to the alleged suspects' account.  

The accused persons stopped accepting phone calls from the complainant after collecting the money, the police informed. "On the basis of technical surveillance and address mentioned in account details of suspects, a raid was conducted at 11.00 AM at the alleged call centre situated at Raghuver Nagar, Delhi where two persons were apprehended," the police informed.

Fake call centre busted in Delhi

During the course of the investigation, the arrested two revealed that one of them, Himanshu Maheshwari, provided the complainants with the account information and ATM cards where the scammed money was deposited, the police noted. The police also stated that the team apprehended him from his home at their request. Himanshu Maheshwari further revealed that he opened the account into which the complainants deposited the duped money in the name of one Anjali Tomar. 

She was also apprehended from her home following that, said police. According to the police, the accused suspects admitted that they would obtain the contact information of customers who made a loan inquiry via the Just Dial app and then phone them under the guise of authorising their loans from banks such as Mudra Loan and Bajaj Finance. "They would then encourage consumers to deposit money as file fees and security charges in the bogus account number to get the loan approved, and the unsuspecting people would transfer the money to accused Anjali's account number," the police said. Further investigation in the matter is underway.

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