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Delhi's LNJP Hospital Witnesses 20-25 Patients Daily As Dengue Cases Surge: Reports

LNJP Director Suresh Kumar said that dengue infections are on the rise in Delhi, with roughly 20-25 new patients being admitted daily to the hospital.


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LNJP Hospital's Director Suresh Kumar on Wednesday apprised that Dengue cases are surging in Delhi, with roughly 20-25 new patients being admitted daily at the Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan (LNJP) Hospital with cases of vector-borne disease. However, no deaths have been reported by the hospital yet.

While speaking to ANI, Kumar stated, "Every day, 20 to 25 new dengue patients arrive. Here are 40-50 suspected cases of fever. We put them to the test. Many patients are awaiting platelets, and if their counts are normal, we discharge them within 3-4 days. In our hospital, no death has yet been reported. We discharge 15-20 patients every day, including suspected and confirmed dengue cases." Due to the prolonged monsoon season, the LNJP Director also noted that this year's dengue cases have increased in contrast to the previous three to four years.

"When comparing data from the previous three to four years, we can see that dengue cases are up this year. This is due to the prolonged monsoon, as well as the increased number of mosquito breeding sites. The third point is that dengue strains can differ," he stated "There are four forms of dengue fever. This year is different from previous years. Many people experience bleeding symptoms. As a result, we must transfer their platelets," he added.

Dengue cases spike in Delhi

He also advised people to use mosquito nets, wear long-sleeved clothing, and avoid allowing mosquitoes to breed near their home environment. According to the municipal corporation's report, Delhi has reported a total of 5,277 dengue cases this year, with 2,569 instances registered in the last week ending November 13., reported PTI.

According to a report by Anti Malaria Operations (HQ), South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), nine persons have died this year as a result of the vector-borne sickness. In comparison to 2016 to 2020, Delhi has the greatest number of dengue cases this year. In 2016, 4,431 instances were reported in the national capital, followed by 4,726 cases in 2017, before dropping to 2,798 cases in 2018 and 2,036 cases in 2019. Infections are expected to reduce by nearly half in 2020. Last year, a total of 1,072 illnesses were reported. Over half of this year's total 5,277 dengue cases, or 3,740, were reported in November alone, indicating an increase in the infection rate.

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