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Faridabad Boy Gets Stuck In Elevator, Does Homework To Stay Calm During Two-hour Ordeal

Defying the odds, an 8-year-old boy got stuck in his building's lift for two hours, but instead of crying or panicking, the young boy started doing his homework

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Trapped in an elevator in Faridabad's building, an eight-year-old boy started doing his work to maintain his cool | Image: Unsplash/Representative

The prospect of being trapped in a lift is a harrowing one, evoking feelings of anxiety and fear in many people. However, an eight-year-old boy in Faridabad's Omaxe Heights Society in Sector-85 displayed remarkable composure and resilience when faced with this daunting predicament.

Defying the odds, young boy -- Garvit -- a resident of the fourth floor in an apartment building got stuck in a lift at 5 pm for two hours but what he did next was surprising for many. Rather than giving in to panic when the lift stuck, Garvit maintained his calm with his ingenious approach. The young boy started completing his homework making use of the time in the confined space of the elevator where he remained trapped for nearly two hours. 

Faridabad's young boy maintains his cool in dire situation

Garvit's father, Pawan Chandila, a professional working in Gurugram, said that their family lives on the fourth floor of the apartment building. Narrating the ordeal, the child's father said that on Sunday evening, Garvit went downstairs to the ground floor for his tuition class at around 5 pm. His mother was not feeling well, so she was unable to accompany him to the class.

When the elevator got stuck on the second floor, Garvit tried to get help by pressing the emergency button and knocking on the door seeking help. When no one answered, he decided to focus on his studies instead of panicking. An hour later, Garvit's tuition teacher called his family to say that he had not arrived for class. This worried his parents, who started searching for him. A few minutes later, they learned from the security guard that the elevator had been out of service since 5 pm.

Consequently, the technical team was called and Garvit was rescued from the elevator safely around 7 pm unharmed. His father praised him for staying calm which eventually helped to avoid any serious problems.

Meanwhile, according to reports, claims have surfaced that the security guard and the representatives from the Residents' Welfare Association (RWA) president Uroj Sharma and senior president KM Roy did not assist Chandila during the incident. This led the residents to contact the maintenance office and the lift personnel themselves. Chandila held the RWA accountable for alleged negligence saying that the lift had not been repaired for an extended period.

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