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Jammu District Jail Inmates Make Candles Ahead Of Diwali; Will Be Sold Under Name 'Roshni'

Prisoners of District Jail Jammu in Amphalla region this year are making different types of candles ahead of the festival of Diwali under brand name ‘Roshni’.

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The prisoners of District Jail Jammu in Amphalla region this year are making different types of candles ahead of the Indian festival of Diwali. The inmates are making coloured, gel and scented candles, as per ANI. Reportedly, the prisoners underwent training to make the candles and the required infrastructure has also been provided to make the same. 

The jail Superintendent Mirza Saleem Ahmad, the inmates are trained at making the candles and the same training will help them to earn a livelihood when they will get out of the prison. The inmates are making Diwali candles under the brand name ‘Roshni’ and they will be sold in the market.

"We make different varieties of candles to compete with the products available in the market. Our aim is to help the inmates learn different skills," said jail Superintendent.

Inmates of Jammu Jail say 'We also feel great'

As per the report, the inmates are also extremely happy that they are doing something productive and urged people to buy the candles made by them. The media outlet quoted an inmate named Paramjit as saying, “We have been making candles for the last ten years. Our message to people is that if you would light up candles made by us, it will cause a lot of satisfaction to us. We also feel great that the jail administration supports us too in our work.”

Additionally, another inmate named Surender said that while living in jail is sad, making candles has made him happy. Surender told ANI, “I will feel happy if people will buy candles made by us. When people will celebrate Diwali with our candles, it also helped us celebrate our Diwali. We are selling them at affordable rates.”

Earlier, in a bid to involve the inmates in recreational activities, Telangana State Prisons Department sold products made by inmates, which include essential household necessities, through an outlet called 'My Nation' at the All India Industrial Exhibition in Numaish. Steel almirahs, stools, bed sheets, towels, doormats, phenyl, acid, bakery items, and children's woollen clothes were made available at the store.


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