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Madhya Pradesh Police Pin Special ‘I’m A Patriot’ Badges On Vaccinated People; Watch

The Madhya Pradesh police have begun “honouring” people who have received the COVID vaccine; warning posters for those who have not been vaccinated yet.

Madhya Pradesh

Picture Credit: ANI

The police in Madhya Pradesh have begun “honouring” people who have received the COVID vaccine, while warning posters have been posted on those who have not yet received the vaccine. In a video shared by news agency ANI, police from the Niwari area were seen pinning a badge on commuters who have already received the COVID-19 vaccine that read, "I'm a patriot as I'm vaccinated."

Niwari cops encourage people to get vaccinated 

In the video, a cop heard saying, "We are honouring those who have received the vaccine and urging those who have yet to do so. Inform people that I've been vaccinated, which is why I've been honoured," to a bike rider. However, those who have not been vaccinated were forced to wear a sign that read, "Stay away from me as I have not been vaccinated yet."  

After watching the video, some social media users appreciated the initiation, whereas, some questioned the availability of vaccine doses. One of the users wrote, "Very good initiative." Another wrote, "There is no point shaming those who haven't got vaccinated without knowing the circumstances."

COVID-19 cases in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh reported 535 COVID-19 cases and 36 deaths on Tuesday, bringing the state's total to 7,86,302 and the death toll to 8,405, according to an official.  In the last 24 hours, he said, 1,376 patients were discharged from hospitals, raising the state's recovery total to 7,69,914, leaving 7,983 active cases. The official noted, "With 179 cases, Indore's tally reached 1,51,951, while that of Bhopal rose by 124 to touch 1,22,206. The toll in Indore stands at 1,360 after two deaths were reported, while Bhopal has seen 958 deaths so far, including three in the last 24 hours. The active cases in Indore and Bhopal are 1,206 and 1,985 respectively."

Six of the 52 MP districts had no cases reported in the previous 24 hours. In the last 24 hours, 75,982 samples were evaluated, bringing the total number of tests in MP to 1.05 crore. The following are the numbers for Coronavirus in MP: Total cases are 7,86,302, new cases are 535, death toll is 8,405, recovered cases are 7,69,914, active cases are 7,983, and total tests are 1,05,18,760.

Picture Credit: ANI

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