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Maharashtra: Under-construction Building Collapses In Beed; No Casualties Reported

A major tragedy was averted after an under-construction 4-storey building collapsed in Maharashtra's Beed. No casualties were reported.

Image: RepublicWorld

In a shocking incident, an under-construction four-storey building collapsed in Maharashtra's Beed district. Minutes before collapsing, the building tilted to one side and suffered vibrations after which the administration was informed. The authorities reached the spot and manage to evacuate the workers and people from the building within time. Due to the timely response of the administration, a major tragedy was averted. No injuries and casualties have been reported till now. 

The local authorities of the Beed district and police officials are investigating the incident and building to find out the reason for the collapse. 

Building collapses in Delhi's Satya Niketan area

Meanwhile, in a similar incident that took place in Delhi, an under-construction building collapsed in the Satya Niketan area- which was a heavily populated area - earlier this month. Unfortunately, two people were killed in the tragedy.

As per the initial information available, it was an older construction and renovation work that was taking place there in secret. The NDRF and Delhi Police rushed to the spot, and shortly after that, the NSG was also involved in the rescue work. Voices were heard from the rubble and a desperate effort to extricate those trapped inside was seen being made. Earthmoving equipment like bulldozers and JCBs were also roped in to help with the help in the rescue.

However, due to the narrow way and constraints in the area, the earthmovers had considerable difficulty in reaching the spot, and only one JCB had managed to begin its rescue operation. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had expressed grief over the tragic collapse of an under-construction building in Delhi’s Satya Niketan area.

(Images: RepublicWorld)

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