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Mumbai Innovator Develops Robots To Assist Healthcare Workers, Patients During COVID-19

Amid COVID crises in India, a Mumbai innovator developed three different robots to assist healthcare workers and Coronavirus infected patients.


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Santosh Hulawale, a Mumbai-based investor, has created three robots to aid healthcare personnel and patients amid the COVID-19 crisis. Santosh has created a Multiple Service Robot (MSR), a Service Humanoid Robot (SHR), and a Disaster Management Robot with the support of his eight-member team (DMR). The robots, according to the inventor, were entirely developed in India. According to Santosh, the MSR may be pre-programmed for any type of health facility.

Mumbai innovator develops 3 robots to assist during COVID

He said, "If we want the robot to deliver a particular type of food or medicine to particular patients, we can feed the same in its program. In fact, the robot does not need human intervention." Regarding the SHR, he noted, "Basically, it is a humanoid robot, which can be used to give a more human-like experience to the patients. Apart from delivering food, water and medicines it can interact with patients not only vocally but also physically. The robot can dance, shake hands, give a high-five, wave goodbye and can help in entertaining the people in quarantine." According to the inventor, the DMR can carry a weight of up to 200 kgs.

Santosh mentioned, "It can also carry patients from ambulances to the hospitals or quarantine centres and back, and those with physical disabilities to the restroom and back. I have designed 48 robots and have developed 18 such robots." Santosh has spent the last 20 years working in the field of robots.

Similar robotic inventions

Apart from this, several robots were made during the pandemic to assist COVID patients across the world. According to UK media a cylindrical robot enters a treatment room to allow health care providers to take temperatures, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation from patients on a ventilator remotely. Another robot, which resembles a pair of enormous fluorescent lights that have been rotated vertically, disinfects a hospital with ultraviolet light. Meanwhile, food is delivered to people quarantined in a 16-story hotel by a cart-like robot. Outside, quadcopter drones transport test samples to laboratories and keep an eye out for infractions of the stay-at-home rule.

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Picture Credit: ANI

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