Bengaluru: Pro-Kannada Activist Vatal Nagaraj Marries Off Two Horses On Valentine's Day

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The Cubbon Park of Bengaluru on Friday witnessed a unique Valentine's day celebration as horses named Raja and Rani are married off in a ceremony

Written By Misha Bhatt | Mumbai | Updated On:

The Cubbon Park of Bengaluru on Friday witnessed a unique valentine's day celebration and a wedding. Horses named Raja and Rani were married off in a joyous ceremony. Pro-Kannada activist and Kannada Vatal Party chairman Vatal Nagaraj organised and performed the wedding ceremony of the two horses. Nagaraj gave a dhoti and shirt to Raja (male horse) and a saree along with a taali (mangal sutra) to Rani (female horse).

This is not the first time when Nagaraj has organised such a ceremony, the Pro-Kannada activist is known for conducting such ceremonies. Earlier in 2019, he had married off two sheep- Jacob and Carolyn in a similar ceremony. When asked, the activist stated that he is all for love and urged anti-Valentine's Day activists to not oppose lovers and their Valentine's Day celebrations.

Vatal Nagaraj has also appealed to the Central government and the Karnataka state governments to give Rs 1 lakh and Rs 50,000 respectively to the "lovers to support their love" by helping them in tying the knot. During the wedding procession of Raja and Rani, sweets were also distributed to all the guests who had participated in Valentine's Day marriage ceremony of the two horses. 

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A fringe group gets 2 dogs married 

Earlier on Thursday, a fringe group called Bharat Sena got two dogs married off on the streets of Coimbatore. The group organised the wedding of the dogs and called it their way of protesting Valentine's day. Bharat Sena protesters had claimed that valentine's day is against Indian culture and promotes couples meeting in public spaces. 

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