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Ranjit Nagar Police Station Cops Say Cheers To Ayurvedic Booster Dose To Stay Virus-free

For police personnel at Ranjit Nagar Police station in Delhi, Ayurveda is giving them a health shield against coronavirus keeping them disease-free

For some Delhi cops, Ayurveda is giving them a health shield against coronavirus to keep our Corona warriors disease-free. Yes, it is bearing results as cops at Ranjit Nagar Police station have reported zero coronavirus cases. Here's a look into the magic potion they are swearing by.

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Reliance on Ayurveda

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread worldwide. No vaccine has been prepared so far by the doctors/scientists. It was also noticed that people with weak immunity were becoming soft targets of this virus and resulting in several deaths. To boost the immunity of the police personnel of PS Ranjit Nagar, the department has resorted to ancient Indian tradition 'Ayurveda'. Different kinds of herbs are mentioned in Ayurveda to enhance immunity.

Sanjay Bhatia, DCP Central District said as mentioned in Ayurveda, we have prepared “Herbal Neem Tea”, which has the following ingredients of (1) Giloye (2) Black Peper-Kali Mirch (3) Rock salt-'Kala Namak' (4) Daal Chini (5) Ginger-Adrak (6) Peepal and (7) Fresh Neem Leaves. 

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Sanjay Bhatia remarked, "We are using this 'Neem Herbal Tea' since the beginning of the lockdown i.e 25th March, 2020. Nearly 150 cups of this Neem Tea are prepared and served to the police staff at pickets also. We put this Neem Tea in DO room for the staff members of PS Ranjit Nagar to prevent the virus infection and to boost immunity power."

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(Republic TV/ Republic World/ ARG Outlier Media Pvt. Ltd. does not vouch for the Ayurvedic formula prescribed in the article. So far, there is no proven scientific measure for the prevention or cure of COVID-19)

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