CONFRONTED: Republic Chases Down VVIP Brat Nalapad After Stung Cop Exposes Crash Coverup

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Republic TV on Saturday confronted Congress MLA NA Harris's son Mohammed Nalapad in Bengaluru, after exposing the coverup following his Bentley car accident

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Updated On:

Republic TV on Saturday confronted Congress MLA NA Harris's son Mohammed Nalapad in Bengaluru, a day after a sting on the officer investigating a car accident involving Nalapad's car revealed what amounts to a coverup.

Consequent to the IO exposing Nalapad, who was in 2018 sent to custody for over 100 days for a vehement assault on a pub-goer, Republic chased him down as his car made its way to the Bengaluru Congress office and asked him about the officer's revelations - specifically, that it was indeed Nalapad who was driving the luxury Bentley car that had crashed into an auto-rickshaw and a motorbike, injuring two.

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Nalapad claimed that the police was trying to frame him, and maintained that it wasn't him driving the car at the time.

"Very simple. The cops are trying to frame me, and you're stinging them. I will fight this. I was not driving the car. I was at the spot. Mr Balakrishna (was driving the car.) Police's CCTV shows car coming at 20 speed, and not me getting down. They're trying to frame me, to coverup other things. I don't want to talk, my lawyers will talk to you.", Nalapad said to Republic TV's South Bureau chief Pooja Prasanna.

The controversy around Nalapad comes at a time when the BJP and Congress are at loggerheads over a pair of such incidents involving sons of prominent politicians. Almost concurrently to Nalapad being tracked down, the Congress is protesting against state minister R Ashok, whose son was allegedly involved in a car crash in Bellary in which two people were killed.

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Stung by Republic TV, the officer investigating Nalapad's case had described the series of events that took place as follows:

"While they were coming from the international airport side to the city incoming while they were taking the (unclear). Mekhri circle underpass...The road is heavily clogged and engineers are working to clear the roads. Every vehicle going there needs to cross the grill. And the vehicles need to slow down. The auto driver was ahead and the bike was behind. The auto driver was driving slowly because he had to cross the grill and the bike had also slowed down."

Further, he disclosed that Nalapad was speeding in his car, and first hit a bike, and then toppled an auto-rickshaw carrying a woman and a child.

Then, the coverup began:

The stung officer said that Nalapad abused the people, He said, "Our police team was there after the incident. Our police team was there. And within one minute (not clear)  the car driver came out of his car and after seeing the injured and he grabbed the number plate. He removed the number plate. This happened within one minute. He came out and removed the number plate. And immediately one car pulled up and came beside the car that caused the accident. They shouted, Sir! Sir! Sir! He has done. He (Nalapad) abused them." 

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Following the incident happening on Sunday, Nalapad's car was impounded, and he was later summoned in an alleged hit-and-run. He had at that time come out and claimed to be a reformed man, and said that it wasn't he who was driving then

Nalapad said, "If there is evidence, let them prove it. I am going to the court, I will fight it out till I can. This is not the first case of a car accident but I did not drive the car." He claimed that his gunman Balu was driving the car, further stating that there are videos to prove. None have surfaced, however. 

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