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Uttar Pradesh: Nearly 300 Patients Admitted To Kanpur Hospitals Amid Viral Fever Outbreak

Its been now over a month since Uttar Pradesh has been witnessing severe cases of viral outbreaks and dengue claiming several lives and infecting several.

Uttar Pradesh

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With a rise in dengue cases in Uttar Pradesh, patients in hundreds were admitted in the past one month in different hospitals of the state. As per that, the Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital in Kanpur solely accommodated more than 250 patients including several children. For more than a month now, Uttar Pradesh has been witnessing a viral outbreak with serious cases of dengue and viral fever followed by cases of fatalities.

The in-charge of Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital, Dr Sanjay Karla while speaking to ANI on Saturday provided details regarding the patients admitted to the hospital. Further, he informed that more than 250 patients with viral fever were admitted to the hospital for the past month. On one hand, several patients have recovered, while some of them have developed complications due to viral pneumonia. 

The fatality rate has also remained low and no one has died due to the diseases. Talking about the patients with dengue, he added that 25 patients have been admitted with dengue which includes 10 children along with patients diagnosed with malaria as well. 

Similarly, in charge of Maternal Child Hospital, Dr Manish Yadav also provided details on the patients admitted over there saying that around 200 children are admitted to the hospital with diseases like fever, tuberculosis, meningitis and gastroenteritis. Around 15 to 20 children are admitted for viral fever and are recovering, meanwhile, one child has also been admitted with dengue, he added. 

Viral fever outbreak in Uttar Pradesh

Its been now over a month since Uttar Pradesh has been witnessing severe cases of viral outbreaks and dengue claiming several lives and infecting hundreds of people. Several districts of Uttar Pradesh including Firozabad and Lucknow are the worst affected followed by Ghaziabad, Prayagraj among others.

Necessary preventive measures are taken by the health authorities for destroying the breeding grounds of dengue mosquitoes. Also, health camps are operating throughout the states in various districts to create awareness about the disease.

Earlier, State Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh while speaking on the condition of the state blamed the officials for the loopholes in the overall health system causing the major outbreak in the state. 

Serotype-2 dengue cases

Meanwhile, a high-level meeting by the Central Government on Saturday saw discussions on the emerging threat of Serotype-2 dengue cases. An alert has also been issued to all the states and union territories about a hike in dengue cases. During the meeting, Union Health Secretary Rajiv Gauba stated that 11 states are witnessing major outbreaks of dengue cases. Thereafter, the Health Ministry has also instructed these states to undertake necessary steps for early detection and medical treatment.

The seven states include Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Odisha, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. 

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