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WATCH: Prakash Ambedkar Withdraws Calls For Maharashtra Bandh

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Prakash Ambedkar has withdrawn his call for a bandh in Maharashtra
  • In his statement, he's adopted a casual indifference to the destruction of public property

After two days of attempting to derail regular life in the state of Maharashtra, Prakash Ambedkar has withdrawn his call for a bandh in the state.

Claiming to speak for over 250 groups and calling the events in Mumbai over the past few days 'peaceful', Prakash Ambedkar applied a brazen indifference to the destruction of public property in the state capital and elsewhere.

"In Aurangabad, there hasn't been any vandalism. Only one glass of DCP has broken. It is a reaction to the Police's combing operation."

The caste clashes that broke out in several parts of Maharashtra on Tuesday spilled over into Wednesday, i.e. the day on which Ambedkar had demanded a bandh. The matter was even raised in Parliament, with the Congress alleging that the BJP was behind the clashes.

In his attack, senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal even openly backed Jignesh Mevani -- this despite a video surfacing showing Mevani calling for a 'street war' on caste disputes. Prakash Ambedkar and Umar Khalid were also in attendance at the event which was held to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Bhima Koregaon in Pune. On the day following the event, i.e. Monday, violent protests had broken out in Pune in which one person was killed. The protests spilled over into other parts of the country, including Mumbai on Tuesday.

Watch Prakash Ambedkar calling off the bandh in the video above.