Amitabh Kant: 'India-US Trade Is Win-win For Both Sides And The World'


In an exclusive interview to Republic TV, Niti Aayog CEO said Trade deals will have to be a win-win for both sides & if US and India benefit, the world will too

Written By Yash Sanghvi | Mumbai | Updated On:

In a Republic TV Exclusive, the NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant, on Wednesday, September 25, spoke about trade between the US and India. Amitabh Kant exclaimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a great believer in trade and that any deal between the US and India will have to be a win-win for both sides.

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Ravi Batra questions Amitabh Kant

The Chairman of the National Advisory Council Southeast (United States) Ravi Batra questioned Amitabh Kant as to what advice Kant was giving Prime Minister Narendra Modi about making a trade deal with the United States that would satisfy the United States, "no matter because if India keeps playing the trade game, where India always wants the best deal."

Amitabh Kant opined that PM Modi is a great believer in competitive trade deals, “first of all the Prime Minister himself is a great believer in the fact that India must be competitive and India must be a very integral part of the global supply chain," he added, " if you look at India’s track record and if you were to look at the last five years, India is one of the few countries in the world which has opened up its economy to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). This is a lesson for the rest of the world that India has been really aggressive as far as opening up its economy is concerned."

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'A win-win between India and America will be good for the world'

Amitabh further responding to Ravi Batra adding, "the Prime Minister is a great believer in trade as well, he believes that Indians must export, he believes that India must export to Europe and to America, trade deals will have to be a win-win, we realise that America offers us the market and there are issues and the issues that are there are not intractable we need to find the right solutions for them and I think we need to move forward on that and a win-win between India and America will be good for the world.

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