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'We are evolving' | Republic Economic Summit: Smriti Irani Highlights Centre's Initiatives To Empower Women

Smriti Irani while speaking at Republic's India Economic Summit 2021 spoke about the development of women under the leadership of PM Modi.

Image: Republic World

Union Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Development and Member of Parliament from Amethi in Lok Sabha, Smriti Irani while speaking at Republic Economic Summit 2021 highlighted the government's development ideals for women and how the PM Modi-led union government has brought several initiatives for empowering female entrepreneurs of the country. 

Throwing light on the development brought for women and children under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership, the Union Minister spoke about the Mudra Yojana brought in by the Centre without any gender bias. She said that the Yojana has 70% women beneficiaries which are helping the women to implement their plans which were earlier difficult as one had to go to the bank and convince them regarding their plans. "Female entrepreneurs just want an investor to believe in them. This is the main struggle", she added. 

She also outlined the Centre's "Nari se Kharidari" initiative and said that it received 38 crore impressions from just a single Facebook post that focused on promoting women entrepreneurs in the country. While addressing the industry leaders present at the Economic Summit, she also urged them to support the small enterprises run by the women of India by putting investments behind these businesses. 

India is evolving under the leadership of PM Modi: Smriti Irani

The Women and Child Development minister also spoke about the 23-week-maternity leave which has been brought under the leadership of PM Modi. Speaking on the same, she said that India is not a stagnant static state but is evolving and the Centre is taking initiatives on a regular basis. "For the first time in India's history, we're tracking beneficiaries of schemes, children, lactating mothers, so issues can be addressed in collaboration with state governments. In this budget, we have focused to make one-stop centres for domestic violence victims", she added. 

Image: Republic World

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