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Republic Summit: Economic Advisor Sanjeev Sanyal Projects Double-digit Growth For India

Sanjeev Sanyal, the Principal Economic Advisor to GoI, said that he projects India hitting double-digit growth at the Republic India Economic Summit 2021.

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Speaking at Republic's ‘India Economic Summit 2021’, Indian economist and the Principal Economic Advisor of the Government of India Sanjeev Sanyal said that India is capable of charting its own course. The economic expert hailed India's capabilities and added that the country is currently filled with confidence. In a big statement, Sanjeev Sanyal also said that he projects India hitting double-digit growth this year as well as next year. 

'India's economic response to COVID was different from what others did and what many experts wanted us to do,' added Sanjeev Sanyal. 

'Double-digit growth for next two consecutive years'

While speaking about India's efforts towards the economic sector, Sanjeev Sanyal said he sees India hitting double-digit growth or close to double-digit growth for the next two consecutive years.

'India demonstrated its administrative capacity', stated the economist.

"We demonstrated a huge amount of social capital and administrative capacity. We are capable of charting our own course - India's economic response to COVID was different from what others did and what many experts wanted us to do. We have demonstrated enough for which people don't give us enough credit for," added Sanjeev Sanyal.

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Additionally, Sanyal added that the extraordinary momentum and enthusiasm that India is witnessing today was not imaged 6 months back when the second wave of COVID-19 was at its peak. 

The result to India's administrative capacity:

"We were restrained, enhanced micro stability, India now thinks independently, the confidence we have now is most," mentioned the economic expert. 

Mr Sanyal also highlighted the recent population result which is below replacement level and pointed out that for the next 25 years the nation will have a maximum population of working age. 

‘India Economic Summit 2021’

Republic's summit is here to provide answers to pressing questions in the post-COVID world by delving into the dynamics of the Indian economy and engaging in gainful dialogue on the macro and microeconomic picture with some of India's brightest minds. At a time when a new world order has been set in motion and new economic & global partnerships are being formed, the much-awaited Summit will be a breakthrough platform to ideate on the state of the Indian Economy with Union Ministers, Policymakers and Top Corporate leaders ideating on pressing economic questions. Here is all you need to know about the summit. 

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