Union Budget 2018: 11 Questions Everyone's Asking About What The Finance Minister Will Do

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Eleven questions we may get an answer to on Thursday as the Finance Minister announces the Union Budget 2018

With hours to go for the final full Union Budget of the current NDA government, all eyes are on Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and what he will be pulling out of his briefcase. With the heightened focus on the Indian economy at the moment, some of the prevailing issues are well known. What steps will he take to address the various issues?

Here are 11 questions that may be applicable at this point:

  • Will the Finance Minister raise the minimum support price to ease farmers' distress in a post demonetisation world?
  • Will he revisit the Income Tax slabs or make a move to bring more people under the tax net, especially given the push towards this end since demonetisation and GST?
  • Will he reduce corporate tax rates in an effort to woo foreign companies to set up and/or invest in India?
  • Will he announce a larger allocation towards infrastructure in an effort to boost job creation?
  • Will he provide relief to a rapidly consolidating telecom sector overburdened by hyper-competition and high spectrum investment?
  • Will he provide any sops to startups, entrepreneurs and/or SMEs?
  • Will India's Health and Education sectors get increased allocations?
  • Will he come to the aid of a real estate sector that was struggling with low demand long before demonetisation?
  • What steps will he take to bring India's fiscal deficit under control?
  • Will those areas that have come under GST be touched upon, or have they now moved out of the scope of the Budget?
  • In a pre-Election budget, will the budget for the Railways find prime of place within the Union budget framework?

What's your view? What are the relevant questions and the corresponding answers? Let us know and follow the LIVE Blog here 

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