5 Best Pre Schools In India: Top Play Schools For Your Kid


Find the best preschools in India. Get the list of top pre-primary schools in India and secure your kid's academic future.

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Pre-primary school is a planned early childhood education program that your kids should attend before they begin schooling. It combines play with learning, and the children are taught by professionally trained adults. Kids between the ages of three and five usually attend a pre-primary school.

The significance of pre-primary school

A pre-primary school education plays an essential role in your little one’s life. It offers an enriched environment, many socialization opportunities, and academic stimulation for kids who belong in the same age group. In India, early schooling plays a pivotal role in preparing your kids mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially for higher education. By following an easy-to-understand and interesting curriculum, the teachers strive to ensure the learning process is enjoyable and beneficial for your kids.

Pre-primary school activities, as well as kindergarten, lay a strong learning foundation for your kids. This will help them grasp knowledge easily in later stages of school and college life. The various pre-primary school activities include clay work, coloring, drawing, dancing, singing, craft, rhyming, storytelling, and more. This helps to instill the right values, cultivate young minds, and encourage your kids to discover their true potential. It also focuses on key skills like cognitive, motor, emotional, and social, ensuring mental growth of your kids. In short, pre-primary schools provide the right environment to help your toddlers prepare for formal schools and life. It makes them curious and confident learners via interesting programs.

How to choose a good pre-primary school

There are basic factors that you should look at when admitting your child to a pre-primary school program. A majority of the teaching materials should be available at the school itself. The teachers should be able to customize their teaching aids to suit the knowledge levels and interests of the students. The teachers should pay close attention to the needs of the kids, with regard to their health and nutrition. Medical supplements and services should be provided for unexpected situations. Pick-up and drop-off facilities are a good plus point.

Best Pre-primary Schools in India:

Since pre-schooling forms the foundation of your kid’s formal education, pre-primary school activities have cropped up in every part of the country. If you are overwhelmed by the number of choices available to you, you may go through the following list of the five best pre-primary schools and select the one, which suits your kid’s needs.

1. Kidzee

This is Asia’s largest preschool chain with a network of over 1500 centers in more than 550 cities. The Kidzee school fees are of two types. The first Kidzee school fee is for the new admission of a student, which costs INR 6,000. The second Kidzee school fee is the annual charge for old and new students, which costs INR 2,000. These are the Kidzee school fees for the year 2018- 2019. Kidzee offers a theme-based and customized curriculum known as ’iLLUME’. It is specifically designed to nurture the unique abilities of your child. It also offers age-appropriate programs for kids in senior kindergarten and playgroup. The well-trained teachers undertake pre-primary school activities with experimental learning experiences and sensorial learning equipment.

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2. Euro Kids

Founded in 2001, this well-known chain of preschools in India has more than 900 centers in 350 cities. The curriculum is based on Montessori and Playway methodologies and the student to teacher ratio is 10:1. It offers four distinct program groups, which are nursery, playgroup, Eurojunior, and Eurosenior. This theme-based school works hard to build your kid’s language, cognitive, motor skills, and self-esteem. It also promotes active parental involvement in its pre-primary school activities. It boasts a joyous environment, enticing toys, and kid-friendly equipment.

3. Kangaroo Kids

Founded in Mumbai in 1993, this pre-primary school has more than 80 branches across the country. It operates heavily on parental involvement. Therefore, as your kids learn and grow, you can always be on their side at every step. Each campus is very spacious and provides wide avenues to learn and play with toys. The curriculum focuses on the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development of your kid. It also caters to children with special needs, making it an ideal and accessible option for many parents.

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4. Hello Kids

This is the first Indian pre-primary school to cater to the middle-income band. It has a network of over 285 branches across more than 22 states of the country. It has a healthy student to teacher ratio of 10:1 and boasts experienced teachers. The Montessori and Playway methodologies shape the student curriculum here. This pre-primary school accepts the admission of kids aged one and a half years and older. The four distinct program groups offered are nursery, playgroup, upper kindergarten, and lower kindergarten. The course subjects focus on kid-learning via pre-primary school activities and games. The facilities include yoga, computer basics, regular check-ups with certified medical professionals, and stage activities.

5. Little Elly

This pre-primary school is an initiative of Learning Edge India Private Limited. It was founded in 2005. The curriculum here is based on the Steiner and Montessori methodologies, which are two of the best methodologies. It offers programs for kids from playgroup to senior kindergarten. Additionally, it offers a daycare facility on a daily as well as monthly basis. The pre-primary school activities include reading, games, storytelling, craft, art, field trips, and puppet shows.

To sum up, your kid deserves the best. Learning games and recreational play are important for the holistic development of your kid. Choose from any of the aforementioned pre-primary schools and help your kid stand on a solid foundation.


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