Best Colleges In Canada For International Students – Top Universities For Engineering, MBA In Canada For Indians

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Canada offers one of the best educational systems in the world. It has a growing reputation as one of the perfect countries to study abroad. It provides a sterling education that matches the likes of Oxford and Stanford. In addition to this, it provides one of the safest student environments in the world, with a tolerant and welcoming community. Therefore, it is no wonder that students from all over the world are eager to enrol in the best colleges in Canada for international students. 

During the last ten years, the number of international students saw an increase of 92%. This was primarily because of the postgraduate study programs and a wide range of superb undergraduate programs. If you study at any of the provinces of Canada, your job prospects improve considerably. These universities also have a rich social life, making it a melting pot of cultures. This ethnically diverse nation offers students like you the chance to study at the best colleges in Canada for international students.

You should note that the best Canadian universities are known to be cheaper than their US or UK counterparts. You will easily be able to meet the tuitions expenses. Whether you want to study engineering, MBA, science, business, or psychology, you will find a host of top colleges to choose from in Canada. 

Cost of living

When choosing to study at one of the best colleges in Canada for international students, you must also consider your budget and cost of living in the country. In Canada, the average tuition cost for international students is CAD 16,252. However, this cost of tuition may change from region to region. For example, in Quebec, the average tuition cost for international students is CAD 14,907. Whereas, in New Brunswick, the average tuition cost for international students is CAD 11,314.

In addition to these costs, you must also budget for housing, living, academic materials, insurance, and transportation costs. If you opt to study at a cosmopolitan university such as one in Vancouver or Toronto, the cost of living will be considerably higher than the cost of living if you opt to study in a college in Nova Scotia. Depending on where you opt to study and live, the monthly rent of an off-campus apartment can fall anywhere between CAD 500 to CAD 1,500. However, you should choose an on-campus alternative, as this will help you to save on travel expenses.

Courses in Canada after 12th

If you have completed your 12th year of education in India and you wish to pursue higher studies abroad, then look no further than Canada. There are astounding courses in Canada after 12th for you to choose from. This country is the second highest amongst G-8 countries in terms of education expenditure. The country sees an approximate intake of 1.3 lakh international students, who wish to pursue higher studies. Canadian universities offer courses, which are internationally acclaimed and very similar to American degrees. 
The top five undergraduate courses in Canada, that is, courses in Canada after 12th, are:
•    Information Technology (IT)
•    Pharmacy technician
•    Engineering
•    Hospitality management
•    Business management

The best colleges in Canada for international students, where you can pursue the aforementioned courses, are:
•    Durham College
•    Selkirk College
•    Brandon University
•    Sheridan College
•    Centennial College
•    University of Alberta
•    Niagara College
•    Algonquin College
•    St. Lawrence
•    Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Canada operates on a merit-based education system. Therefore, to gain admission into any of these colleges, you must score high in the final examinations of your 12th grade. These degree programs will equip you with a deep understanding and well-rounded education in the field you choose to excel in.

MBA in Canada for Indian students

One of the main reasons to choose to study MBA in Canada is that international students qualify for work after they graduate. This is achieved via the Post-graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP). Under this program, if you acquire skilled Canadian work experience, you can qualify for a permanent residence in the country. In addition to this, as long as you hold a valid study permit, your spouse may also be entitled to apply for a work permit. Therefore, an MBA in Canada for Indian students has many benefits. If business is your passion and you wish to specialize in this field, then choose a Canadian university to fulfil your dreams.

Another great aspect of MBA in Canada for Indian students is that MBA universities offer various types of MBA programs. You can choose the one that suits your needs the most. Canada universities offer part-time, full-time, joint MBA, and executive MBA courses. With this range of choices, you can adjust your study schedule and priorities accordingly.
Some of the top MBA universities in Canada include:
•    University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management
•    Western University – Ivey Business School
•    York University – Schulich School of Business
•    McGill University – Desautels Faculty of Management
•    University of British Columbia – Sauder School of Business
•    HEC Montreal
•    University of Alberta
•    Queen’s University – Queen’s School of Business

Pursuing an MBA in Canada is a smart choice for your career goals.

Universities in Canada for Master’s

If you wish to pursue a postgraduate degree in Canada, you have made the right decision. For a Master’s program, Canada ranks very well in global rankings. Many of the universities in Canada for Master’s have taken high spots in the global list of top 100 educational institutions. You can choose from almost 100 universities in Canada to study for your Master’s program. You can choose to specialize in arts, business, education, technology, engineering, environmental studies, agriculture, forestry, applied sciences, media, journalism, law, humanities, mathematics, medication, and many more fields.
The top ten universities in Canada for Master’s are:
•    University of British Columbia
•    McMaster University
•    University of Toronto
•    McGill University
•    University of Ottawa
•    Western University
•    University of Calgary
•    University of Montreal
•    University of Alberta
•    University of Waterloo

A Master’s degree can help you secure that dream job. It builds upon the foundation of your Bachelor’s degree to help boost your understanding towards a brighter academic future in your chosen field of study. If you study at a Canadian institution, you will excel in your career.

Top universities in Canada for engineering

If you have a science-oriented mind and have an aptitude for engineering, then you should study this subject in Canada. The top universities in Canada for engineering offer subjects like mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, civil engineering, and electrical engineering, among others. Each one of these subjects relies on science and math to solve problems.
The top universities in Canada for engineering are:
•    University of Waterloo
•    University of Toronto
•    University of Alberta
•    University of British Columbia
•    University of Calgary
•    University of Montreal
•    McGill University
•    McMaster University
•    Ryerson University
•    Concordia University

Engineering is a modern and applicable subject. It can help you gain transferable skills that will help you tackle any technical problem with an analytical mind. Such skills include innovation, decision-making, project management, communication, and team working. If you choose to study engineering in Canada, you will receive a high-quality education in this coveted field.

These have been the best colleges in Canada for international students. Do not hesitate when selecting a university to study at. They are all world-renowned and ensure that graduates find meaningful and purposeful jobs in the workforce of the 21st Century.