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CBSE Releases Circular For Affiliated Schools, Asks Them To Upload Staff Vaccination Data

CBSE through a circular has asked schools to upload the COVID vaccination-related data. CBSE has also asked schools to promote vaccination.


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CBSE staff vaccination update: The Central Board of Secondary Education affiliated schools have been asked to submit the Staff Vaccination details to the Board. CBSE Board has also launched 'Vaccination Information System' with aim of easing the process and submission of this data. In order to upload these details, schools will have to visit the official website which is CBSE has given this information through official notice. The notice mentions that schools will have to provide the details of both teaching and non-teaching staff. Schools will also have to mention the vaccination status clearly. It should be mentioned if the person has been vaccinated with single dose, double dose or no dose at all.

CBSE Vaccination official notice

The official notice reads, "With an effort to collect Vaccination-related information of schools, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has launched a “Vaccination Information System of School” wherein the schools are required to furnish Covid-19 vaccination-related information of the teaching, non-teaching staff. The above information has already been issued vide this office circular no. 12/2021." 

The said Portal can be accessed through the homepage of the CBSE website under the "VACCINATION INFORMATION SYSTEM OF SCHOOLS" tab, wherein the schools may login and provide details such as number of teachers and non-teaching staff who have completed vaccination and teachers and non-teaching staff who have completed only 1st dose & have not taken any dose. The schools are advised to motivate their teachers and non-teaching staff to get COVID vaccination and you may submit the information in the portal.

CBSE has also mentioned that under the priority category the vaccination process of teaching and non-teaching staff should be kept. Board has always created awareness about vaccination and has now urged everyone to get vaccinated. Since the 'Vaccination Information System' has been launched, schools will have to login and provide staff details. The details mentioned should be number of teachers, number of people who are non-teaching staff, fully vaccinated people, people who have received a single dose and those who have not taken any dose. CBSE has not given any deadline for the same.

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