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CBSE Releases Notice Regarding Filling Of OMR Sheets For Classes 10, 12 Term 1 Exams

CBSE on November 17 has released an official notice regarding filling OMR sheets for class 10,12 term one exams. The details can be checked here.


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CBSE term 1 2022 update: Central Board of Secondary Education on November 17 released an important notice for students and evaluators. It has been uploaded on the official website and is regarding the use of the CBSE term 1 OMR sheet. CBSE Term 1 Exams 2022 have been started this week. The class 12th exams have been started on November 16 and the class 10th exams have been started on November 17, 2021.

As per the new pattern, CBSE Term 1 Exams 2022 are being conducted in MCQ format by using a Demystifying OMR. This new notice informs about the method of marking responses in OMR sheet. This notice also informs evaluators how they are supposed to assess these sheets with the marked answers.  

CBSE's official notice reads, "It is further informed that if students are instructed to attempt 45 questions out of 50 in some subjects and all 50 responses have been marked/responded by candidate without darkening 5 questions in the circle given under the mark (#) which is meant for a question not attempted, only first 45 questions will be evaluated. The last 5 questions will be considered as not attempted questions. In no manner best of 45 are not to be evaluated." 


Candidates will have to mark their response by 'Completely darkening of the circle.' Any other way will not be considered a correct method and students may lose marks for the same. Along with the instructions, a visual representation of the same has been shared by CBSE at  The step-by-step process to fill the OMR sheets correctly have been mentioned here.  

CBSE Term 1 Exams 2022: Here's how to fill OMR sheets correctly

  • Students will have to 'Completely darken the circle' while choosing the correct option. in the extra box which is provided for all answers, candidates are supposed to write the correct option in the box adjacent to it. 
  • Any other way of marking responses in the OMR sheet, apart from the one mentioned above will be considered incorrect.
  • In case a student doesn't want to attempt a question, they will have to fill the last circle in the box adjacent to the question. 
  • In case a student leaves a question completely blank and does not mark anything, it will be treated under the category of 'Unfair Means' or UFM. Therefore, it is mandatory to fill one of the boxes in the OMR sheet.
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